That'll show me!

Opening up my comments filter the other day, I found a highly amusing comment left by some anonymous character that went something like, "I hate your fucking rules- Goodbye!".

One has to wonder whether the person that left this comment understands what irony is.

I created my rules specifically for the purpose of deterring anonymous commenters- and everyone who actually comments here has been decent enough to follow those rules. Those who do not follow that rule get deep-sixed; hey, I did give fair warning.

Here's the relevant stipulation:
Anonymous commentary is NOT allowed. If you have something to say, be man enough to do so under an identifiable name so that I or others may respond should we so choose.
I think whoever it was that commented there didn't quite "get" the point, though. After all, I delete anonymous comments out of hand.

So, let's think this through. You post an anonymous comment, on a blog that specifically refuses to publish anonymous comments, on the same page as the rule that says that anonymous comments will be deleted, expecting... what, exactly? That I'll change my rules somehow to be nicer and more accommodating?

Interesting strategy there, Clausewitz.

This is like that time when the hosts of Top Gear burned down a caravan- remember that episode?- and then somebody wrote in the next week with a letter that went, "I am going to write Top Gear a letter and I don't care if they don't read it!". Which then got read on-air, and made the berk who wrote it sound like an utter spanner.

As the great philosopher Clarksonius once said, "These people suffer from an irony deficiency... I honestly do believe that in certain parts of the country, people have in fact begun to mate with vegetables."


  1. Berk:The usage is dated to the 1930s. A shortened version of Berkeley Hunt, the hunt based at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. In Cockney rhyming slang, hunt is used as a rhyme for cunt, giving the word its original slang meaning.

  2. I just appreciate the fact that you keep on blogging despite not having a huge amount of threaded commentary hanging on your every word.

    This is a GOOD blog. You are appreciated even by the silent majority.

  3. 'This is like that time when the hosts of Top Gear burned down a caravan'. Which one of all those hundreds of occasions are you talking about mate? :D

    But in all seriousness, people can still be 'anonymous' by changing the name of their e-mail address which makes your rule very easy to cheat.

    1. Yes, the lads do have an almost psychopathic hatred of caravans... which I share, having had to drive behind more than one of those horrible wastes of space in my time. But they achieve their goal of destroying all caravans with such style that one cannot help but envy them =)

      people can still be 'anonymous' by changing the name of their e-mail address which makes your rule very easy to cheat

      True. But then that's why I moderate all comments personally. People who show up as "Anonymous" don't get published. One person could easily post multiple comments under ten different names; at that point, it's a judgement call on my part. I haven't had to deal with that yet, though; this pokey little blog is too small for that. We'll see what happens if/when that does become a problem.


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