President Alpha meets President Delta

A little under a year ago I posted a graphic showing the massive difference in manliness between President Vladimir Putin and "President" Odumbass Odouchebag Obummer Odoofuss Obama. (You might gather from this that I'm not exactly the current POTUS's biggest fan.)

I got a little bit of stick for that in one of the comments, but I stood by my argument that President Lightworker is the least masculine occupant of the Oval Office in living memory (and quite possibly ever, going all the way back past President James Buchanan, who may or may not have been gay).

Well, what do you suppose would happen if an actual Alpha male like Vladimir Putin were to come face to face with a low-T Delta male like Obama?

Thanks to the Daily Mail, we now have the pictures to help us answer that question.

The lede for this story in the Daily Mail- written by a (supposedly) male reporter who really should have known better- is that the second photo above amounted to Obarmy giving President Putin his best death stare.

If that is the "best" death stare that America's Dear Leader can manage, is it therefore any surprise that the Russians are making America's leaders look stupid virtually every other day?

Observe the clear differences in body language between these two extremely powerful men. Each man is the leader of one of the three strongest and most militarily mighty nations on Earth.

One leads a nation with the world's largest economy, a military machine that could turn any other nation on Earth into a parking lot in under 72 hours, and a world-spanning hegemon that gives its people access to riches and resources undreamed of by any empire in world history.

The other leads a nation that was, up until about 15 years ago, an economic basket case. Her fleets were rusting in their docks. Her tanks were a joke. Her nuclear stockpiles were being sold off to the highest bidders. Her sense of national pride had been destroyed. Her status on the world stage was dangerously close to that of a failed state.

Yet, simply going by the pictures above, you'd think that it is Obama who leads the weaker nation, and Putin who leads the stronger one.

Look at President Putin's strong eye contact, his upright bearing, and his clear and total dominance of the space around him. His posture remains firm and unbending when he reaches out his hand to shake. His stare never wavers from his target- it's a look that says, "I am the predator, and you are the prey. You are nothing but food to me."

And now look at where Obama's eyes have gone. His supposed "death stare" isn't directed where it should be. Trace a straight line from Obama's irises down to where his eyes are pointing, and you will see that he's actually looking at Putin's nose- not his eyes.

That isn't a sign of strength. It's a sign of weakness, of submission.

Look at his body language as he shakes Putin's hand. His smile is strained, his manner is forced, and yet he is leaning in- his posture breaks as he moves forward.

It's a fascinating study in Alpha male body language up there. In Putin, you see a man utterly comfortable with power and authority, and able to impose his will upon reality whenever he wants. Even though he is much shorter than his opponent, it is to him that the eye is first drawn, and not to the lanky doofus attempting to tower over him.

In Obama, by contrast, you see weakness. You see uncertainty. You even see fear.

He has the world's most powerful nation behind him, with all of its resources and military might. He should be coming to the negotiating table with a clear upper hand. Yet he is not. He is coming as a supplicant, to ask President Putin to cooperate with him in bringing the conflict in Syria to an end.

This naturally brings rise to the question: what does it look like when two true Alpha males meet?

Well, courtesy of Heartiste, here's one example:

Notice the total contrast in body language between Leonardo DiCaprio and Barack Obama- this, despite the fact that DiCaprio is one of Obama's biggest celebrity supporters. (Just goes to show that Alpha males don't always have the best judgement.)

And here's another example of what happens when an Alpha male runs into someone well below him in terms of skill, temperament, power, or presence:

It doesn't matter whether you like President Putin or not- and it's not like he cares what you think of him. The point of all of the above is to demonstrate the difference between a man who clearly knows what he wants and will not back down in his pursuits of those things, and a man who is limp-wristed, overly intellectual, effete, and weak-willed.

It's not difficult to figure out which of these two examples the rest of us blokes should look to emulate.

The lessons are clear. Stand tall. Look both allies and opponents in the eye with a firm, unyielding gaze. Never be weak or uncertain when broadcasting your intentions. Shake with an iron grip- if you don't have one right now, you can get one easily enough simply by learning how to deadlift properly.

Simply by taking these basic steps, you will automatically see the world differently- and the world will reciprocate. You'll find it easier to get things done, to find your way in life, and to make allies. Strength begets strength and fortune; weakness begets only failure and loathing.


  1. Excellent analysis. The differences are glaring. Putin looks serious and solid, while Obongo looks weedy and goofy. Great advice.


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