Like nails on a chalkboard

Here's a great way to test your tolerance for pain and suffering. See if you can make it ALL the way through this short clip summarising the Hilldebeast's so-called "alt-Right speech":

Oof. I'd rather go smash my shins into a high-density heavy bag for an hour than have to listen to that again.

The Bitch's pinch-faced countenance, nasal voice, and harsh accent make listening to her an extremely unpleasant experience to begin with- and that's before we get to her witch's cackle and her utter contempt for the American people and the laws of the land.

Once you get past the effect that her voice has on your hearing, and that her face has upon your sight, though, it turns out that her complete and total lack of understanding of the alt-Right is actually extremely funny.

Her attempts to explain- vag-splain?- the alt-Right remind me of a senile granny attempting to figure out how to this confounded "interwebs" thing works. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that her speech went down like a lead balloon.

Best of all, it is becoming very clear that the Hilldebeast, or more accurately the party machinery that supports her, fears us.

They tried ignoring us- that didn't work. They are now trying to discredit us- that's not working. Next, they will do their absolute level best to silence us- and that really won't work, because we don't play by the same rules as the cuckservatives that they are used to dealing with, who roll over and submit the moment anybody starts hurling accusations of RACISS!!! and SEXISS!!! and ISLAMOFOBIK!!! at them.

Instead of fearing those insults, we embrace them. We thrive on competition and confrontation with the bomb-throwing SJWs- and unlike their usual targets, we don't have problems with throwing bombs ourselves. We view their tactics in the same way that the Allies viewed the use of mustard gas by the Germans in the trenches of WWI: if that is how you're going to fight, we'll do the same back to you, but ten times worse.

The only readily available recent historical analogue is, interestingly enough, is what happened when Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980. Now, one can certainly make a convincing case that "Dusty" would probably be one of those campaigning the hardest against the alt-Right if he were around today- and I do agree with that line of argument. But there is no question that President Reagan achieved a fundamental transformation of the American culture and political landscape with little more than his wit, personality, and phenomenal willpower- because his policies and actions were guided by a core of personal conviction and inner strength that believed firmly in America, first and always.

The Left's war on free speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression is ramping up. They will do whatever it takes, they will break any law that gets in their way, they will destroy any remaining bastion of freedom and common sense, in their attempts to achieve the Utopia that they have stupidly and blindly sought since back before the days of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The problem is that the more they tighten their grip, the closer they get to losing it entirely.

It has required a severe beating with a cricket bat ("baseball bat" to you Americans) to get people to understand just how close to destruction the West really is. The fact is that Western civilisation cannot really be saved, not anymore; it's too far gone. It will collapse, and so much of the good that it has done for Mankind will vanish with it. The Left is merely hastening that demise- and in so doing, is ensuring that its adherents will be the first ones to be lined up and shot when the new Utopia dawns.

After all, that is exactly what happened when the economic Marxists achieved power in the 20th Century. The pattern will repeat itself when the cultural Marxists achieve total power in the 21st.

And that is where we of the alt-Right come in.

When the collapse comes, those who have heeded the lessons of the Fall and taken them to heart will take what has been learned and re-forge civilisation- stronger, tougher, and far less tolerant of cultural Marxist insanity.

That is our job. And the Hilldebeast, whether consciously or otherwise, knows it.

I suspect that it scares the living shit out of her.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
-- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 


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