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When was the last time you watched a movie starring Nicolas Cage?

For me, that would be... umm... Sunday. The Rock, to be precise. (More like, "precisesh"- Sean Connery's accent is awesome.)

Anyway, if you've seen one of his movies recently, you will know what I mean when I say that Mr. Cage's acting is a bit... lopsided, sometimes. Indeed, if you were to take a fair and balanced look at his output over the years, you would be forced to conclude that about 4 times out of 7, he's only getting his acting gigs because his real last name is "Coppola"- and his uncle is that guy.

Which brings us to a classic compilation video of Nicolas Cage completely LOSING HIS SHIT in spectacular fashion in his movies (NSFW):

I'm not sure which is my favourite moment of lunacy, but it would probably be the "bees" scene from the apparently terrible remake of The Wicker Man.

I've read the original novel. I haven't seen the original film or the remake. However, given that I am reliably told involved a naked Britt Ekland back when she was spank-bank material, and that Christopher Lee (a.k.a. "Charlemagne", "Count Dooku", "Saruman", and "Epic Badass") starred in it, I can easily believe that the remake was one of the worst cinematic atrocities ever committed to film.

So what's your favourite Crazy Nic Cage moment? Comments below.


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    1. Haven't seen that one. Based on the above, I suspect I'm not missing much...

  2. Wicker Man Cage is so bad. The most interesting aspect of the plot ended up being a Red Herring. Not even the deleting scenes are of interest. Perhaps the only thing is that punching scene in this video. Although he didn't lose his cool, I found him funny in the movie RAISING ARIZONA. Who would've known King Ralph and Richie were there bullying him...


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