How an Alpha handles an interview

It's truly instructive and illustrative to watch the way that The Donald defangs his critics in interviews. Like most extroverted Alpha males, he does it through a very cleverly crafted combination of charm, wit, resolution in the face of criticism, and a stoic acceptance of what he can and cannot control.

Take a look at how he handled one of the liberal comedians who has most persistently mocked him in public:

And that is before we get to his epic trolling of the MSM.

The results of that effective rick-roll, by the way, were clear to see as early as Friday night. I was in the gym that night- it was chest day, which for me is actually a light workout- and as a result I had plenty of time to watch the Clinton News Network's Friday night (((news))) coverage of the campaigns.

Anderson Cooper's show was in full flow at the time, and oh boy, did they ever have an axe to grind.

From 8-9pm, the entire show basically centred around The Donald's flip-flops, inconsistencies, controversies, and deficiencies as a candidate, both real and imagined (mostly the latter).

Now, I had no idea when the show started that Mr. Trump had beaten the shit out of the media like that earlier in the day. I only found out about that a little bit later when I checked out and saw the story in passing.

Once I did, though, the fury and spleen-venting suddenly fell into place.

And you know what? It doesn't matter.

The media overplayed their hand this week. Mr. Trump made them show their cards for the entire American public to see, and then he humiliated them in front of those same people, while simultaneously garnering free publicity for both his campaign and his new hotel, and putting to rest that whole question of whether he's a "birther" or not.

(For the record, and just so we're clear: Mr. Trump was NOT the original birther. That would be the Hilldebeast. Not, of course, that the MSM would ever admit that- not without being subjected to the rack and the breaking wheel. The closest they'll ever come is to say that it was "someone in her campaign" that started the rumour.)

As the interview clips above show, and as Mr. Trump's increasingly effective handling of the MSM reveal, his enemies simply have no idea who and what they are up against.

They have tried everything to discredit and destroy him. They have savagely attacked his (smoking hot) wife. They have attempted to show how he has contradicted himself and crossed policy positions repeatedly (which I actually find justifiable). They have smeared his followers and his supporters with the vilest and basest of accusations. They have implied and insinuated and accused and outright declared things about Trump that, if the same things were done to the Hilldebeast, they would have shrieked for the heads of the perpetrators to be mounted on pikes outside the headquarters of the New York Times Pravda.

And none of it is working.

Mr. Trump is now within a single percentage point of the Hilldebeast in the national polls. The electoral college map, which once showed a roughly 80% probability that the Bitch would be crowned the next President (God help us all), has now narrowed radically to a less than 60% probability of that same outcome, and Mr. Trump is now pulling ahead in several battleground states. The gap in the electoral college is now perhaps 36 votes, and it is narrowing further.

All of this has happened before the first Presidential debates even take place. If the predictions made by me and others like me are correct- and so far the evidence appears to be in our favour- the Teflon Don will squash the Bitch fairly handily, even though he is in fact a pretty poor debater by most standards.

It's not just that he is not a great debater. It's that the Bitch is just that bad a candidate.

If nothing else, the next few weeks should provide some damn good entertainment.

Donald Trump is campaigning like the Alpha male he is. You can see the hallmarks of his personality and his socio-sexual status in just about every interview, almost every public interaction with his supporters, and in the very skilled way in which he handles and disarms critics.

We haven't seen a conservative- or rather, a nationalist- Alpha male like this since the halcyon days of Ronald Reagan. All I can say is, it's about damned time.


  1. No, I think he's not a point behind; he's a point ahead and a half a point ahead in the four-way polls. That's all still within margin of error, of course.

    1. Going by the latest RCP 4-way average, the Bitch is roughly 1pt ahead, but I don't consider that to be statistically significant. As you say, sir, the polling is basically right within the margin of error.

      I'm not convinced that these polls are necessarily a good measure of performance, though. As Mike Cernovich pointed out, there is a huge gap for the Hilldebeast's supporters in terms of what they say they will do, and what they actually will do.

  2. I have a somewhat different, and maybe even useful, methodology. Step 1 is to take the ten or so recent ones from realclearpolitics, then toss the RV polls. Step 2 is to tally up the size of all the poll survey. Step 3 is to weight each of the polls by their percentage against the total number surveyed. That, on a spreadsheet, turns into an effective plus or minus. Don't know if this will format, but:

    source number clinton+ weight
    LA Times 2499 -7 0.363 -2.540371769
    Quinip 960 5 0.139 0.697066512
    IBD/TP 0.000 0
    Reuters 1127 1 0.164 0.163665408
    fox 867 -1 0.126 -0.125907639
    CBS 1433 2 0.208 0.416206796
    CNN 0.000 0
    ABCWAPO 0.000 0
    6886 1.000 -1.805547488

  3. I am waiting eagerly ten more days for the debate on the 28th. Assuming Hillary isn't actually dead, it should be a riot to hear whatever excuses they come up with for her unwillingness to go head-to-head with her master.


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