"The Last Stand"

SABATON's latest album is finally out, and it is indeed very damn good. I find it difficult to choose the "best" track off the whole thing, but if I were pressed, I would probably pick the title track:

It's not often that you hear a metal band- from Sweden, no less- perform a song that praises the name of the Lord while making a point about courage and sacrifice. But then, SABATON are not your typical metal band.

They're silly, they're over the top, they can be gloriously non-PC at times- and they are quite simply one of the best heavy metal acts out there today.

And, as I said, it is hard to pin down the "best" track on this album. The first track, for instance, might as well have been the marching music for the legendary 300:


  1. Damn it - time to put another album in my playlist

    1. Ayup =)

      Check out GRAND MAGUS while you're at it as well. You might like Sword Songs and Triumph and Power.

  2. Seems unlikely - Sweden and all - but is Sabaton, in fact, some version of Christian?

    1. Hard to say, sir. I know from personal experience that they have no problem whatsoever playing a song like "Swedish Pagans" in the same set as "Carolus Rex". If I had to guess I'd say they're just not terribly hung up on religion in general and Christianity in particular.

      Which makes them considerably more enlightened than roughly 80% of modern, tolerant, caring, diverse, caring, atheistic, ever-so-caring Sweden...

    2. So far, having repeatedly listened to the albums Heroes, Carolus Rex, and The Art of War,as well as some other songs, they have criticized holy zeal, and praised those who stand by God. They have sung about the rise of Nazi Germany (Rise of Evil) and praised the bravery, tenacity, and effectiveness of German units in WW2 (Ghost Division). They have sung about Russian snipers, and Finnish ones who hunted Russians (Soldier of three armies for the latter, as I recall). They have sung about glory and honor, and brutality, carnage, and wounds to the soul.

      I don't know if they're religious, but they don't have the hatred of it you occasionally see in Nightwish.

      Despite accusations of it, I'd say they are not pro-Nazi, or USSR/Russian, but can still see the virtues of a competent foe.

      This album is both more Sabaton and epic than ever, and there are bits that show even more of an expansion of style. One main guitar line makes me think Dragonforce. The scottish rebellion song is very different from a lot of their stuff, but still epic.

      And damn you for getting me hooked on another album. Also need to listen to Grand Magus. Will make a nice break from 21 Pilots, as much as I've grown to like them.

      Weirdly, for the first time in my life I'm listening to Blue Oyster Cult albums, vice the two or three songs with classic rock play, and Veterans of the Psychic Wars, and really liking Secret Treaties and Fire of Unknown Origin


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