The first symptoms of early-onset Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome

Most Americans have never heard of a bird named Kelly Brook. There is no reason why they should have; she's not terribly famous outside of England. Within England, though, she is known for the following:
... And that's about it. Decent but not spectacular CV.

Oh, wait, one more thing: she's known for having a string of famous exes longer than my arm- including four (count 'em!) failed engagements.

And now, at the age of 36 and with her best days very much in the rearview mirror, she would like everyone to believe that she is actually totally fine with the way her life turned out:
Explaining why she believed she hadn't settled down just yet, she added: 'My life is chaotic. I'm back and forth all the time, my feet were never really on the ground, so I was kind of trying to fit in relationships and dating while managing a career which is really difficult to do. [Chick-to-English translation: I'm too busy being a STRAWNG EMPOWAHED WIMMENZ to bother with anything silly like a family!]
'I never really had a lot of time for men, even though it would seem that's all my life was about.' 
But the brunette beauty hinted that things could all be changing with her handsome new beau, Jeremy. 
Revealing that he could be her 'Mr Right', she explained: 'I’ve been dating a lovely guy from France, Jeremy, and he’s amazing. I don’t know whether it’s me or him. 
'I was living in LA and I was doing some martial arts training to keep fit and I saw a social media video and we skyped each other for six months. We eventually got together and it became romantic, but he's lovely.' [Er... why the "but"?]
As she found her new man through social media, Kelly broke her pattern of dating well-known stars. 
In the past, Kelly has enjoyed high profile relationships with the likes of Danny Cipriani, David McIntosh, Jason Statham, Billy Zane and Thom Evans. 
She was engaged to the latter four men, and tragically suffered two miscarriages whilst dating rugby star Thom. 
In another heartbreaking incident, Kelly was devastated after it was revealed Danny - who she dated on and off for years - had cheated on her. 
Kelly's tempestuous love life understandably appeared to create some trust issues with men, and she revealed to The Sun earlier this year that she was a 'secret psycho.' 
She revealed that she likes to stay one step ahead of her boyfriends and does so by looking through their messages, but ran into trouble with French beau Jeremy as she couldn't read the language. [Classic instance of the direct correlation between how hot a girl is, and how batshit crazy she is.]
Yet she managed to find a way around the barrier as she explained: 'I screenshotted them, sent them to my cousin who speaks fluent French and she translated - and I realised he was a nice guy.' [What did I JUST say?!]
I do not intend to disparage or pick on Ms. Brook- well, not more than is necessary, anyway. She isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but apparently she is a rather nice person- or so says an acquaintance of mine in the fashion industry who supposedly knows her pretty well.

Whether she is or not, I don't know and don't really care, as it isn't germane to what follows.

Her story is nonetheless highly instructive to young women everywhere who think that being young and pretty automatically absolves them from being held responsible when they say and do things that are, under any reasonable interpretation, bugf@ck-insane.

Ms. Brook stands out as a, rather unfortunate, lesson to her contemporaries and to women younger than her. While it annoys me to throw around the word "hypergamy" these days- because, after all, the usage of what were once standard terms in the lexicon of socio-sexual status theory has been greatly devalued through wanton abuse- it applies nonetheless.

She spent the prime years of her youth, beauty, and fertility chasing as many high-status men as she could. She reaped the rewards that come from being desirable and attractive, by way of endorsements and movie/television roles and ad campaigns centred around her.

In other words, she spent the very best years of her life "riding the carousel", and now it seems that she wants off it with a lower-status man than the ones upon which she had expended so much of her youth and fertility.

The difference in her looks, by the way, is material. It's actually pretty astonishing if you compare pictures of her from 6-10 years back with her snaps in the Daily Mail article. Just take a look at what follows.

Here is a picture of Ms. Brook from back when she was somewhere around the age of 24:

And here's what she looked like back in 2009, on the set of Piranha 3-D:

What the hell, here's another one from the same photoshoot, just because it's an awesome picture:

You know a woman's got the goods when a surgically enhanced porn star can't help but get in on the action herself.

Ahem... Moving along- here's what she looks like now:

There is no mistaking it: she has hit the dreaded Wall. About the nicest thing that can be said about her is that she has hit it at somewhat less than 100mph. No matter how one tries to deny it, the evidence is right there in the pictures above. She was far tighter, perkier, slimmer, and just plain hotter ten years ago than she is now.

Her famous "curves" might still be there, and she has (justifiably) made quite a bit of money from flaunting them. But she has now gone from being genuinely voluptuous- and there is nothing in the world wrong with that- to, frankly, tubby.

Having thus squandered her best years and features on chasing high-status men- several of whom, be it noted, have moved on to younger, prettier, slimmer girls- she now wishes to justify her choices in life by stating that "success", in her eyes, amounts to being 36 and not married with kids.

In the circles in which Ms. Brook runs, perhaps this is a mark of success. But back in the real world, that sort of situation is- or should be- every young and pretty girl's worst nightmare.

And Ms. Brook provides an abject and extremely painful lesson to those same young women, many of whom probably look at her with envious eyes as a "role model" of what a pretty girl can achieve.

The harsh reality is that civilisation does not need high-flying careerist women. It needs wives and mothers. And when women- even, and especially, once highly-attractive ones like Ms. Brook- turn their backs on this basic fact of womanhood, they also reject their own value.

For the fact is, and remains, and will almost certainly always be unless the Lord Himself says otherwise, that in genetic terms, women are precious.

Men are expendable- we always have been, nothing new about that. We are the cannon fodder, the builders and preservers and destroyers of civilisation. We can be slain in our thousands and millions, yet civilisations will last long after our bones have turned to dust.

Women, however, are precious- incredibly so, in fact. They are the creators of the next generation of cannon fodder. If women turn their backs on their single most important purpose in life, who then will create and build and destroy? To mangle an old saying somewhat, where then will come the rough men ready to do violence in the names of those who sleep peacefully in their beds at night? From whence shall come the next group of girls who will then carry on the genetic legacies and hard-won lessons of their mothers?

And while women are absolutely precious, that innate value does not entitle them to protection from the consequences of their own choices. When they make terrible choices with the ways in which they spend their best assets, they cannot expect to simply be given a pass and excused because vagina. That simply does not make sense.

Ms. Brook, like a good many once-beautiful women her age, exhibits many of the symptoms of a particularly nasty affliction called Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome that will leave her lonely and in pain later in her life, when her looks have well and truly faded and she has become invisible to the wider world.

She has prioritised her career over her fertility. She has exhibited anywhere from mildly sociopathic to to outright violent behaviour toward the men in her life. She has expressed no remorse whatsoever for her carousel-riding. And now she would like us to believe that she is happy with those choices.

It is certainly her right to think whatever she likes about her choices. It is not her right to pretend that such choices are good for young women at large.

Any woman who takes Ms. Brook's life as a blueprint to be followed might just find herself in 20 years' time wondering why men refuse to stick around long in her house that smells like cat-piss and where every visible surface is covered in hair.


  1. Some women were meant to be whores.


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