The children of a dying paradise

I recently wrapped up reading a short book- more like an extended essay or master's thesis, really- by a chap named Julian Langness, who writes quite well and thoughtfully over at European Civil War. Part travelogue, part philosophical discourse on the current (parlous) state of Western civilisation and Western European civilisation in particular, Mr. Langness writes very well indeed about the clash of cultures that has been brewing between the dying cultures of France, Germany, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, and the very much alive and kicking culture of the Islamic invaders who have come over to settle in those same lands.

The work itself consists of a series of personal anecdotes woven into a larger framework of criticism and discussion of the great evil that is afflicting Europe, and the West in general. Basically, Mr. Langness starts out on a "heritage trip" of sorts, to rediscover his family's ancient Nordic roots. Traveling to Scandinavia to stay with some acquaintances in his ancestral family town, he spends time with the youth of Norway and finds them to be open, welcoming, and charmingly decent.

Yet, almost immediately, he also encounters the darker side of modern Scandinavia- the Islamic side.

Within just a day or two of arriving in Norway, he finds himself getting into a fistfight in a club with a Muslim immigrant. The scuffle ends very quickly, but it starts our friend on a path of discovery that takes him down some very interesting intellectual alleyways.

His journey meanders through several more fistfights with Muslims (hence the title), particularly in the Netherlands, as he observes the appalling casual destruction of their cultures that the European peoples have inflicted upon themselves.

And he is led inexorably to a single, terrible, inescapable conclusion:

War is coming to Europe.

He is, of course, entirely correct.

I found his book to be an excellent read for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that Mr. Langness repeatedly referenced books that have become virtually required reading here in the world of the alt-Right. Ranging from Jack Donovan's The Way of Men, to Jonathan Gottschall's The Professor in the Cage, to the work of Michael Trust, a.k.a. Anonymous Conservative, on r/K selection theory, to the superb works of William S. Lind and Martin Van Creveld, it is immediately obvious that Mr. Langness is both a traveler and a scholar- if perhaps a scholar of works that are decidedly outside of the mainstream.

He even referenced a very good book that I read some ten years ago, back when I first came to the US and when my views on Islam were somewhat less hostile than they are now- Omar Nasiri's Inside the Jihad.

(My aunt, a flaming liberal, lent me that book in order to see whether it would "change my views", or something like that. Instead, it made me realise that Islam is a terrible and existential threat to the freedoms that the West has taken for granted for so long. I could make a joke about liberals and unintended consequences, but that would be too easy...)

Indeed, reading through this book was a lot like seeing my own mental thought processes on the subjects of cultural vandalism, 4th-Generation War, the cycle of civilisations, and the nature of masculinity laid out in black and white, but in far more coherent and succinct a form than I have managed on this blog. Imagine having a little gnome sitting on your shoulder writing down everything you think about the world and then turning it into a book, and you'll get an idea of what it was like to read this.

It was an... odd experience, to say the least.

The somewhat surreal nature of that experience aside, Mr. Langness brings up two excellent points that need to be expanded upon and understood very clearly by those of us in the alt-Right.

First and foremost is Mr. Langness's quite acerbic observations about how severely and terribly European culture has emasculated itself.

He points out repeatedly that the moment that any kind of conflict or stress made itself apparent between the native, white, nominally Christian, European populations, and the non-native, brown, very clearly really Muslim, "guest workers" (read: invaders), the natives immediately panicked and did their damnedest to pretend that nothing was wrong. Or, they would simply scramble to get away from the scene of trouble.

Their response was either that of a deer caught in the headlights, or of a rabbit confronted by a wolf.

They responded, quite simply, as prey would to predators. It was the response of an r-selected population to a K-selected invader.

It was a response that made absolutely no goddamn sense when you realise that this is the same Scandinavia from which the Danes and the Vikings hailed. The reavers that set sail on their dragon ships from the shores of Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden were among the most feared warriors of antiquity. Their fighting skills were so highly prized that they were offered enormous sums of money to become part of the royal guard of the Byzantine Emperors. The proud history and legacy of the Varangian Guard is deep within the blood of their descendants.

If the Viking ancestors of modern Scandis could see how badly their offspring have debased themselves, I doubt that even the Allfather himself could stop his einherjar from charging forth across the Rainbow Bridge to give the invaders of their ancestral lands a good taste of Viking steel- and their descendants a proper lesson in good old-fashioned Viking berserker tactics.

There is a stark contrast, by the way, between the meek and submissive natures of the Europeans that Mr. Langness encountered, and the Muslims that he fought with. As he states at length in his writing, he actually found himself greatly admiring those he fought against, because they have a warrior spirit and a strength that has gone very much amiss in the rest of Europe.

I understand entirely where that comes from. Once you know what it means to stand up and hit another man, and desperately try to avoid letting him hit you back, you will know what I mean when I say that fighting is the fastest way I know of to establish bonds of brotherhood between men who might otherwise be mortal enemies.

Even so, one might be pardoned for asking... WHAT THE NIFLHEIM HAPPENED?!?

Yet, in a sense, that cowardly response to foreign invasion is, in fact, not only understandable but rational.

The European experience of the World Wars was vastly different from the American one. America came out of both wars pretty much unscathed. Her industrial base was intact, her culture had not been brutalised by the horrors of war, and the flower of her male youth was still (for the most part) alive and well. Not so in Europe, which had suffered truly epic devastation due in large part to nationalism taken to genocidal extremes.

Their people were war-weary, sick of death, and willing to do anything for the promise of perpetual peace. (They should have done their homework a bit better- anyone who has ever read a certain old Kipling poem would have known that this was a fool's dream.)

It turns out that "anything" meant giving up their identities, and being force-fed an unending stream of guilt-tripping indoctrination about how virtually everything wrong with the rest of the world was the West's fault- more specifically, the fault of white colonialists and entirely unwarranted European and American aggression against the peace-loving indigenous peoples of the world.

To make up for these sins, whether perceived or real, the Scandis, along with most of the rest of Europe, were told by their leaders and their governments that they needed to welcome in the refuse of the world with open arms.

Those elites succeeded- all too well. Scandinavia has for the last several years been heading inexorably toward a breaking point.

If you've spent the last 60 years attempting to breed and guilt-trip aggression and violence out of your native population, it should come as no surprise at all that your people will behave like dumb, terrified sheep in the presence of real danger- until they have nowhere else to go.

And then the real horror begins- because, as LTC Kratman loves to say, "survival cancels out programming". If you bring an entire people, with a history stretching back over fifteen centuries, to the brink of total destruction of their culture and their way of life, you should not be the least bit surprised if quite a few of them decide to say, "enough"- and with steel instead of words.

This leads on to the second point of Mr. Langness's narrative. The war that is coming to Europe will not be quick. It will not be easy. It will not be fought on some far-away battlefield between professional armies wearing clearly identifiable uniforms.

It will be fought in the streets of cities like Malmo and Gothenburg and Oslo and Copenhagen. It will be fought in the banlieues of Paris and the Kurdish ghettos of Berlin and the refugee centres of Lesbos and Calais and Sicily. It will be fought in towns like Rotherham and Bradford and Hackney.

It will be fought among and between and by people like you, and me, and him.

There is no guarantee of victory, none whatsoever- not for the Islamist invaders, and certainly not for us.

And there is every reason to believe that this war will be far worse, bloodier, and more barbaric than anything that has been seen or understood by the West for nearly five hundred years.

The Laws of War, brutal and cruel and terrible though they are, nonetheless are built upon an understanding that warfare needs to be fought under certain rules. Those who break these rules are shown no mercy whatsoever, and justly so.

But what do you do against an opponent whose very way of life states that it is no dishonour to lie, to cheat, to kill, and to break one's word of honour whenever it is convenient to do so- which is exactly how Muslims have repeatedly fought against Christian opponents historically?

What then are the laws under which war will be fought? How then will the savagery of hellish war be be at least reduced somewhat? Where then will be the considerations and dispensations for non-combatants, if the opponents that we are fighting believe that there is no such thing as a true innocent?

This isn't war the way our fathers and their fathers understood it. It won't even be 4GW the way Mr. Lind understands it. It will be 0GW- a return to barbarism.

The only way to avoid this horrible fate is to expel the invaders, en masse, and immediately. And even then, it is an absolute certainty that violence and civil war will erupt in the deportation process.

Europeans in general, and the Scandis in particular, are a long way from choosing that course yet. But they are getting to that point, whether they like it or not. The day is coming when Mr. Langness's experience of brawling with Muslims on the streets of the great cities of Europe will no longer be a fringe experience but a daily reality.

The question is, which side will the children of Europe's dying paradise choose?

Will they choose their own cultures, national identities, and proud histories?

Or will they choose to meekly surrender and submit to the domination of Islam?

I do not know the answer. Nor, I wager, does Mr. Langness. But he's been right there in the trenches. He has seen what is coming. And he is urging us all to be prepared.

Take his advice to heart. The day will surely come when the children of this American paradise will need to heed it.

Oh, and one more, personal note: Julian, in the unlikely event that you read this, if you're ever anywhere near New Jersey, look me up, and we'll go put on some boxing gloves and spar. I would consider it a true honour and a privilege to touch gloves with someone who has put himself in personal danger to understand the nature of the wars that are coming. And then we'll go grab a few beers- because that, after all, is what happens when two like-minded guys beat up on each other in a friendly sparring contest.


  1. Good review. I first sensed that war was coming to Europe in the late '80s when Muslims in Britain started demanding their own parliament. The situation has only worsened since then. Julian gets it. I applaud him for publishing this book.


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