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Apparently some unhappy feminists are annoyed with a certain Michelle Jenneke- you may recall the name- who is becoming better known for her bouncing, uh, assets than she is for bouncing over hurdles:
Michelle Jenneke has been eliminated from the Olympics after performing her trademark warm-up dance. 
The high-profile Australian trailed home sixth in her 100m hurdles heat in Rio de Janeiro in 13.26 seconds, almost half a second slower than her personal best set last year. 
Despite there being high hopes for the bubbly 23-year-old - who was this year named the face of Coca Cola's Rio campaign alongside Jamaican Kemar Bailey-Cole - the one-time Sports Illustrated model did not even make it to the finals. 
After the race Jenneke said she was disappointed with 'one of the worst races I've ever done', saying she's been struggling with nerve pain for two weeks. 
'I've been on the table every day sorting that out,' Jenneke said. 
'But unfortunately I felt it grab on hurdle two. 
'I tried to push past it but just couldn't get the same drive off my leg I wanted to.' 
However, she admitted she should have run faster but didn't.
Well, let's take a look into the substance of the issue first. Apparently the complaint is that the lissome Ms. Jenneke has had breast implants, and then there is something about how she is better known for her glamour modeling than she is for her track performances, and at that point I rather lost interest because articles about women's sports are boring that way.

So. Here is what young Michelle looked like back in 2012, when she was just 19 and was warming up at some event in Barcelona:

And here is what she looks like these days:

Yeah, it's a gratuitous and tacky display. So what? Like that old and worn-out meme goes, if you noticed her eyes first, I have bad news for you...

Anyway, judge for yourself about whether or not she has had "performance enhancements" done to her bouncy bits. It's not a question with which I find myself overly concerned.

Now, as I have said about Ms. Jenneke in the past, once you get rid of the makeup and the stand-to-attention outfits, what you'll find is that her face is a bit odd-looking. I would go so far as to argue that her squared jaw makes her look a bit mannish.

But absolutely nothing about her face, her outfits, or her athletic performances take away from the real reason why she gets so much attention. And, contrary to what our friends in the media might like to believe, that reason is not actually directly related to her bust size.

It has to do with the fact that if you look at her, you see a cheerful, bubbly, happy young woman who looks like she is practically bursting with the joy of being alive.

She exudes warmth and femininity at all times. Her smile dazzles whether she is doing squats in the gym, laps in the pool, or stretches on the track. No matter what she is doing, she looks happy to be doing it.

If these traits make her a bad female athlete, I argue that we need a hell of a lot more just like her. (And like Simona Halep, while we're on the subject.)

These are traits that are immediately attractive and attention-worthy to anyone, regardless of sex. Men are instinctively drawn to happy women; they are instantly attractive, pleasant to be around, and immensely good company.

Some of the happiest times that I can remember have been spent in the company of a dear friend of mine who has that same kind of million-watt smile and that same effortlessly pleasant manner. She was a joy to be around, and it was easy to lose track of time in her company. She was, and is, the kind of woman who makes people feel better just by her very presence. (Which is ironic to say the least, given that she is known to curse like a sailor and is very much a Mama Bear when it comes to her kids.)

So you'll forgive me if I have a difficult time holding Ms. Jenneke's smile and cheerful manner against her.

She probably is going to go down in history as being afflicted with a classic case of Kournikova Syndrome. And you know what? As long as she doesn't squander her very obvious genetic and other gifts in pursuit of hedonistic excesses, there is nothing in the world wrong with that.

Like most of the alt-right, I am very harsh in criticising beautiful women who waste their gifts in opening their legs for every high-status man that winks at them. I do so because I also recognise a basic fact: a woman's most important and valuable assets are always going to be her youth, her beauty, and her fertility.

The unhappiest people that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing are women in their mid-30s who were once beautiful but are now faded and worn by their careers and have sacrificed their greatest assets for the high-flying lifestyle that they were told was their birthright. Michelle Jenneke strikes me as a young woman who will (hopefully) avoid that fate.

So that deals with the "question" of whether Ms. Jenneke has had breast implants. Maybe she has, and maybe she hasn't. Who cares? When she looks that happy to be alive, and is so cheerful and graceful in all of her public appearances, does it particularly matter? She is young and, in the right outfit and with the right makeup, really quite fetching. Good for her- she plainly has the business sense and savvy to capitalise on her most important assets, so more power to her for that.

As long as she keeps her head firmly planted above her shoulders and doesn't let her fame run away with her- or, worse, squander her greatest assets in pursuing that fame recklessly- then I simply cannot see what the complaint is here.

That leaves the "problem" of her lackluster athletic performances at the Olympics this year.

Leave aside the fact that I generally could not care less about the Olympics, unless there is something involving Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt pulling off yet another incredible achievement. (Or women's beach volleyball players- and then only because of the bikinis.) I'm going to do our friends over in the world of sports journalism a small favour and point out a basic, immutable truth about women's sports to them:
We just don't give a flying proverbial about where Michelle Jenneke, or most female athletes for that matter, placed in their various sporting events. Most of us guys don't pay attention to women's sports. There is no reason why we should; the athletic achievements are nowhere near as impressive as those of  the men.

It doesn't particularly matter where you look- women's sports, as an almost universal rule, attract far fewer viewers and far less attention than men's sports because they are, quite frankly, boring by comparison. The level of athleticism on display is not as great. The degree of skill involved is generally lower. The ferocity of the competition is much less impressive.

The only exception that I can think of to this general rule is women's MMA. And even that exception only applies when it involves a certain Ronda Rousey- who spent a significant part of her career implying or even outright claiming that she could defeat men far bigger and stronger than her, and who honestly thought that she "could beat every girl in [her] division with one hand behind [her] back". She was proven spectacularly wrong when Holly Holm landed a superbly timed head kick to her neck and jaw and put paid to that claim.

The rest of the time, women's sports just do not warrant much by way of attention.

So, really, who cares whether Ms. Jenneke got implants or not? And who cares whether her athletic performance suffered as a result of all of the attention that is being paid to her (not inconsiderable) looks? She's young, she's quite pretty, and she knows how to make the most of those facts. Good for her.

If she wins Olympic gold in the process, even better for her. But that won't be why she is remembered. And there really isn't much wrong with that.


  1. Brother Didact, I point this not at you but at society in general these days, and you'll pardon the profanity:

    Who gives a smelly rats ass about what a bunch of bitchy damn feminists say anymore. They're a howling mob of self-obsessed, lying, goalpost-moving, self-aggrandizing, useless (can't cook, won't clean, won't have kids, what use are ya, woman??), sociopathic nutcases that we men somehow allowed ourselves to listen to for the last, oh who knows how many years.

  2. Isn't Halep the one who had to have her DD assets reduced to play effectively?


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