I don't remember eating that...

Paging Mr. Didact, the 90s called, they want their memes back...
Our ever-helpful neighbourhood alt-Right gun-buddy (and, let it be noted, highly qualified gun safety instructor) Luke Stranahan recently had to show considerable intestinal fortitude in order to wade through the results of a hilariously nasty hacking incident:
The content that I saw on the mirrored site had some celebrity photos and six NSFW explicit pictures. I don’t follow show-biz in general, nor black or other minority entertainment in particular, so I had no particular reaction to the celebrity shots of Jones and other people, with the exception of I noticed that even the men in the pictures with her are more attractive than she is, and this is coming from a straight man. 
The two nude full frontals were uninspiring. Especially if you are a comedienne and a silver screen actress, when you are obese, you should not be sending nudes to anyone, even privately. Although she had the sense to blur her face in one of them, what is [it]with people taking nude selfies with a commode in the picture? [It's actually a very good question. I recently received a bikini shot from a girl who took the picture in the bathroom- with the shower in the background. She wasn't bad-looking at all, but the setting didn't do her any favours.] I get that you may want to use the bathroom mirror for the, um, spread, but try not to have the shitter in the shot with you, and the other picture is no better in what seems to be a janitor’s closet, or maybe the bathroom in the Ghostbusters’ fire station of the version in the 80s cartoon. 
It gets worse. There’s a thoroughly unappetizing topless shot with a facial expression of presumably horniness, and then, my friends, we move on to the X rated, where I saw a picture of Leslie showing intense sexual hunger.
Since we try for a somewhat professional atmosphere here, I will summarize with the statements that one shot belongs in a gynecological textbook, and the other two belong in a porn movie involving anal sex. [That's the point where I nearly lost my lunch. And I haven't even had to look at those pictures. Luke must have a cast-iron stomach- especially if he's eating Taco Bell chalupas on his cheat day while doing this "research".]
My reaction went from null on the celeb shots, to turned off on the full frontals, scared by the topless sex pose, and just about lost my dinner on the last three. Roosh came very close to owing me a gourmet meal of Taco Bell (it was a cheat day, what can I say?)
Luke, you poor stupid bastard. I hope you at least made Roosh give you hazard pay for writing that article.

I feel sorry for him, I really do. NO MAN should have to endure what he went through.

Now obviously, I'm not about to go and independently verify his findings- I like my readers and all, but I ain't gettin' paid for this gig and I sure as hell am not going to go hunting down these pictures without being compensated for the severe gastrointestinal and emotional distress that is sure to follow. I don't like you guys that much, I'm sorry to say.

In fact, I wouldn't do that search even if you guys paid me. Some things just aren't worth the cost.

But I have to ask- WHO ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH wanted to see pictures of Leslie Jones naked?!?

I mean, come on, guys, this is what she looks like fully clothed:

I will try to avoid the obvious (and extremely funny) comparisons that could be made here. Some things are just better left to the imagin- oh, wait, never mind, someone already went and did it.

Slightly more seriously, as Luke pointed out further down in his article, this episode simply underscores, once again, the importance of not taking the security of your personal data and files for granted when they are backed up or distributed online.

As demonstrated so effectively (and downright hilariously) a couple of years back by The Fappening, celebrities are no different from the rest of us when it comes to having their personal data and files hacked routinely and easily. Once you put something on the Internet, whether via Google Drive or Apple's iCloud service or Dropbox or whatever, you cannot really expect it to be fully secure- no matter what the various providers tell you in their EULAs.

So exercise a bit of common goddamned sense and don't allow pictures of yourself doing stupid shit to get backed up on the internet. Better yet, don't take those pictures in the first place, if you can resist the temptation (which, by the way, is surprisingly easy to do- just refuse to take selfies, like I do).

There is a time and a place for taking pictures of oneself. I would even agree that there is a time and place to take, shall we say, intimate snapshots of oneself for, er, romantic purposes. But those examples should be left on media disconnected from the internet and therefore at least somewhat proofed from hacking. Such things are private affairs between individuals, and that is where they should stay.

What amuses me the most about this story- other than the fact that one of our brave Kingsmen had to put his mental and digestive strength to the test in such a painful way- is the fact that this happened after Leslie Jones picked a fight with the wrong guy- or should I say, the wrong fairy.

As First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza pointed out shortly after the news of this hack emerged, it is a virtual certainty that the individual that hacked Ms. Jones was/is a fan of Emperor Butt-Pirate:
“There’s zero chance that this wasn’t a fan of Milo’s (Yiannopoulos),” he said. “The other zero percent here is it’s zero percent Milo’s fault.” 
Also a fat goose egg are the chances that Breitbart editor Yiannopoulos — who was recently suspended from Twitter for “targeted abuse” of Jones via the social media platform — will face any legal trouble over this ordeal, Randazza said. 
“If this was somebody who was a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos, unless he directed it, he has no liability at all,” Randazza continued. “If he just created a culture of it — as he has been accused in the past — that’s legally nothing.” 
“Had Twitter not banned Milo Yiannopoulos, I bet it wouldn’t have happened,” he opined.
I agree entirely. Leslie Jones decided to take serious personal offence at the Lord of Fabulosity's (entirely valid) criticism of her horrid movie, which reveals volumes about just how childish she is as a person.

If she cannot handle negative opinions that people have of her work, or of projects that she has participated in- the failures of which may or may not have been her fault- then she is simply not adult enough to be taken seriously by the rest of us.

When you or I are criticised for poor workmanship or inappropriate remarks, that is information which we can choose to receive or ignore. If we receive it, take it in, and amend our work and behaviour appropriately because the criticism makes sense, that is all well and good. And if we ignore it, that is our choice.

Taking criticism so personally that one leaves an SJW-dominated platform like Twitter supposedly in tears- only to come right back within less than a day- is the living definition of a childish temper tantrum. Ms. Jones literally threw all of her toys out of the pram- and now that some enterprising troll has gone and shown the world that her ugliness of spirit is reflected in her ugliness of form, she is throwing an epic shit fit yet again to try to avoid taking responsibility for her own personal failings.

That is not adult behaviour. That is not worthy of support or sympathy. It is worthy only of scorn.

To be very clear, I do not condone the hacking of people's private data. I sure as hell don't condone the distribution of such personal images for purposes of taking revenge. Whoever hacked Leslie Jones's personal data committed a clear offence.

That doesn't mean that Ms. Jones is absolved of all responsibility. Far from it. She is responsible for her own actions. And her actions show her to be a petulant, vindictive, nasty, profane, small-minded, and deeply unpleasant person.

Is it in any way surprising, therefore, that quite a few of us- self included- think that, even though hacking her account was plainly wrong, she got what she deserved?


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