Denton, who recently filed for personal bankruptcy, announcing the move in a memo to Gawker staff this Monday. This came after a judge denied Gawker’s attempts to shield its CEO from liability for the $140 million owed by the company to Hulk Hogan, following the former wrestler’s successful lawsuit against Gawker over their posting of his private sex tape in 2012. 
With both Gawker and its CEO set to go bankrupt, Denton implored Peter Thiel, who funded Hogan’s lawsuit, to stop going after his workers. Denton also indicated that Sam Biddle, one of Gawker’s more notorious bloggers, was a specific target. 
Asked what he would say if Thiel were in the studio, Denton said “It’s like… You bankrupted the company. You bankrupted me personally. Why are you still going after Sam Biddle, a journalist [and] John Cook, our executive editor? Why are you targeting individual journalists because you’re upset with the coverage?
He is going after them because they are legitimate targets, you preening obnoxious hypocritical windbag. He is going after them because they mistakenly went after what they thought was a soft target that wouldn't fight back. He is going after them because they sowed the wind, and they must now reap the whirlwind.

As an aside, it is a source of no small amusement to me that the main players in this drama are both gay. As this little spat between kings- though I suppose "queens" is more apropos- is proving, the only thing more wantonly destructive and vengeful than a wronged woman, has got to be a wronged fairy.

Beyond that, though, there is a clear lesson to be learned here. And every single one of us needs to learn it well.

The lesson is very simple: when dealing with a social justice warrior, give no quarter, offer no terms, permit no honourable surrender.

Your objective must be to prosecute war until your enemy is completely, totally, and utterly destroyed.

This sounds extremely harsh and overly bloodthirsty- like something that, oh, perhaps LTC Kratman might say. This is the exact opposite of an insult, by the way; I greatly admire Tom's enthusiasm for destroying the enemies of his country, both foreign and domestic, and of Western civilisation. I think that we would ALL do well to emulate that quite healthy attitude.

(Especially his taste for execution-by-crucifixion. That would solve a very large number of problems extremely quickly. I suspect that we'd rapidly have more excruciators than even he could handle as Grand Strategikon if it were ever implemented as national policy.)

And, when applied to normal people who understand and obey civilised norms of honourable combat, it is extremely harsh.

Here is the thing, though: by definition, social justice warriors do not obey the norms of honourable combat. They will not hesitate to pursue us- people like you and me- until we are utterly bereft of hope, until they have ruined our careers and destroyed any hope of future employment, until they have taken everything from us, until they have cut us off from any and all support and have forced us to apologise, over and over again, for sins either real or imagined.

Turnabout is fair play in war- and make no mistake, we are at war. We are fighting what seems much of the time to be a losing battle for what little is left of our culture, our civilisation, our very way of life, against those who would sacrifice all of these things to the altars of their false gods.

Most ordinary people simply want to be left in peace, to raise their families and live their lives, without having to worry about crossing some imaginary line in some arbitrary "speech code". They cannot even do that anymore. Say the "wrong" thing, hold the "wrong" beliefs, refuse to toe the line, and you become a target.

And if you are a public figure, well, Lord help you, because you will not be left alone, ever.

Even celebrities, like Hulk Hogan, have at least some right to expect privacy surrounding their own private indiscretions. Sure, he was foolish to cheat on his wife, and he was perhaps even more foolish to have his, er, liaison put on video for posterity.

None of these things excuse Gawker for vindictively taking that video and making it front-page news, especially when the Hulkster pleaded with them not to release the video as it was not something that really needed to be out there for public consumption. And, frankly, it really didn't.

His private issues are between him, whoever he fooled around with, the husband of "the other woman", and the Lord. And that is where things should have stayed.

But no- Nick Denton decided that ruining a man's life was the right and just thing to do. And by the codes of social justice warriors, he was right. That is what they do. That is what they believe in.

Well, if they are going to insist on using the social media equivalent of mustard gas, they should not be the least bit surprised when we decide to do the exact same thing with them.

If nothing else, such turnabout should teach them a very badly needed lesson in civility, good manners, and simple human decency- not, of course, that they are particularly capable of learning. With very very few exceptions, once an SJW, always an SJW.

With that maxim in mind, Peter Thiel should do whatever he can to ensure that Sam Biddle never works in a media-driven occupation of any kind ever again. Mr. Thiel didn't fire the first shot in his war with Gawker- they did.

They were the ones who insisted on outing him as gay. This may well have been common knowledge in Silicon Valley for years, but among the broader American public, it was not. Who and what Mr. Thiel spends his time with is his business, and his private life and personal proclivities should not have been splashed all over the news like a tabloid story. He is a respected, and as far as I can tell, respectable, businessman.

I personally use PayPal and find it to be a solid, well-conceived and well-maintained product that allows me to transact business confidentially and securely. I'm not about to stop using that service just because the guy who founded the company happens to be gay. What, exactly, was the point of such unnecessary revelations?

They were the ones who decided to claim that he is "interested in harvesting the blood of the young", which makes him sound like some sort of weird sadistic gay vampire. (Or the protagonist of an Anne Rice novel. Which amounts to exactly the same thing, of course.) The reality, of course, is rather different if you bother to read into the details.

SJWs have no problem dealing out pain and misery. It is what they do in their pursuit of lockstep ideological conformity. But, as #Gamergate and now this incident reveal, they cannot take it in return.

And that is how we win the war against them- by dishing out more pain than they can handle, which as it turns out isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things.

So remember, my friends: reach out and crush an SJW today. You'll feel much better for it.


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