A man of principle

One of the major criticisms of Trump-Muad'dib by the (increasingly irrelevant) mainstream )))media((( has consistently been the fact that Mr. Trump's positions on a number of issues have never been very consistent.

He has veered from what were (in their minds) perfectly acceptable ideas (read: flaming liberal) to batshit-insane Hitlerite fascist craziness (read: rather straightforward nationalist).

I too have dinged The Donald for his lack of consistency. To me he appeared to be guided more by pragmatism than any kind of battle-tested inner conviction. But then I saw this video, and I realised that, in fact, Mr. Trump has been preaching a fairly consistent and principled message for the better part of thirty years:

The Donald still has a very great many flaws as a candidate. He is a far less polished orator than he needs to be, and his stump speeches are long on rhetoric and short on details (even though his actual policy ideas are unusually thoughtful).

He is combative, rude, and openly dismissive of his critics.

And I have to say, I admire him greatly for those qualities. I've had quite enough of seeing milquetoast cuckservatives being nominated by their parties, only to go down to honourable defeat against those who believe that the Constitution is worth less than toilet paper.

Call him what you will, though- the one pejorative that cannot be applied to him any longer is "unprincipled". While the details of his personal views have indeed changed over the years, the core message and theme of a strong, self-reliant America guided on nationalistic principles that put the American people first, has never changed.

There is only one other candidate for President that I can think of who maintained that same kind of rock-ribbed principle over the course of nearly thirty years in electoral politics: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Not yet. (If it weren't for the fact that I consider edifices to past Presidents to be more than a little out of touch with the values of this country's Founding and Constitution, I would be among those arguing hardest for President Reagan's face to be added to Mt. Rushmore.) But he has the chance to do the same thing the Gipper did: give America back her true self, and restore its people to greatness.

Few today remember that when "Dutch" ran for President in 1980, his ideas about how to rebuild America's economy, refocus her military, and defeat the Soviet Union were considered outright lunacy by the "establishment". They thought that he was going to start an outright nuclear war just for shits and giggles. They hated everything he stood for, because he posed a true existential threat to their entire worldview.

When he was elected- in an electoral landslide, no less- his foremost critics damn near went into cardiac arrest. To them, the inmates were well and truly running the asylum.

And yet, look what happened. "Dusty" went on to become the greatest President since Calvin Coolidge.

Now let's be straight about this: Donald J. Trump is NOT the second coming of Ronald W. Reagan. Not even close. President Reagan had an eloquence and a deftness of touch that Mr. Trump simply does not possess, along with a sunny optimism and a folksy wit that disarmed even his fiercest critics almost at will. Mr. Trump does not have any of these attributes.

Yet the comparison between the two remains an apt one.

Both were, and are, men of principle. Both were, and are, outsiders. Both were, and are, absolutely loathed by the "establishment".

And both were, or are being, given a once-in-a-generation opportunity to correct the course of American politics.

Can Mr. Trump do it? I have no idea. He faces the toughest tests since President Reagan himself entered office, and I simply don't have a clue as to whether a President Trump would be able to handle them.

What I have seen thus far, though, is encouraging.

Mr. Trump's platform of American nationalism is resonating with the people in a way that I have not seen since I first arrived in this land*. He has broken almost all of the old rules of American politics. He is the only political candidate from either wing of the One Party of Big Government who is actually talking about things that really matter. And he is the only serious candidate who has had the balls and the heart to take the fight right to the doors of his enemies.

He will not bend. He will not break. He will not back down.

And if he stays true to himself and to the American people, I think he will win, and win well.

The alternative is 4 years- more likely 8- of The Bitch. From what I know of female politicians, with very few exceptions they are utterly incapable of restraining themselves in their wanton abuses of the powers that they are given. (The only exception that I can really think of is the Iron Lady, Prime Minister Thatcher herself. And even she was far from cautious in her use of power.)

Make no mistake: if the Hilldebeast wins, one way or another, it will be THE END of the great American experiment in self-determination. That experiment is already very nearly dead; eight years of President Odumbass have reduced a large segment of the people to the yoke of gentle (for now) government despotism; the few remaining freedoms of the rest will be taken, one way or another, if The Bitch has her way.

Will the God-Emperor Trump manage to do any better? I haven't the first clue. But all of the evidence we have available to us thus far indicates that he will be far less interested in meddling with the personal freedoms of the American people than his counterpart.

We could well be horribly mistaken. He might turn out to be another Dubya. But at least with Mr. Trump, we have some assurances that he won't turn out to be Sauron the Deceiver made flesh.

And for now, that is reason enough to vote for a man who has shown, repeatedly, that he has principles, and is willing to take enormous risks to defend them.

*It so happens that today marks 10 years since I arrived in America. I didn't think I'd be here this long, but here I am.


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