When reality's hammer smashes a woman's teeth in

A few days ago I checked out Janet Bloomfield's post on what happens when a woman is forced to assume a man's role in the dating marketplace. She had basically shared a video from the YouTube channel Darwinian Thought, in which the host provided some commentary on a clip from an episode of the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek.

Unfortunately that channel has since been closed down- which I suspect is not a coincidence. But the video clip that inspired the original commentary is still available. The good stuff happens between 0:30 and 06:30. The rest is just pointless reality-show asshattery.

Here it is:

Normally, I would not bother with reality TV nonsense. Life is too short to put up with such mindless crap. But this particular clip was fascinating, because it revealed just how much women skate through life based on their looks. It also shows how deeply and thoroughly unnatural it is for women to take on the roles that, for men, come naturally- and vice versa. But, since the original video has been taken down and the commentary is therefore lost, here is my take on the actual "raw" (for certain definitions of the term) footage.

Let us take as given the fact that it's "reality" TV, and therefore actually highly scripted, which makes the sobbing and the wailing and gnashing of teeth more dramatic than it probably was in actuality. Once you strip all of that out, you are still left with one inescapable conclusion:
These women HATE having to act like men to get the attention that they crave.
This is neither new nor surprising. For men, the rejection and humiliation and pain that comes from being spurned by pretty young women is basically just a fact of life. Getting our egos crushed by life is a daily reality and the best of us have long since learned to shrug off our failures and, instead of brooding on them, "fail faster".

When it comes to dating, the reality for the average man is that ninety-plus percent of women out there will not find him attractive, at any given point in time, for any number of reasons.

It is not difficult to figure out what a man must do in order to make himself as attractive as possible to as wide a range of reasonably attractive women as possible. He must be:
  • Of above average, but not freakishly large, height;
  • Quite good-looking (highly symmetrical facial features, strong body, wide shoulders, narrow waist, and many bonus points if he has a shredded six-pack stomach);
  • Well-dressed;
  • Well-spoken, with a reasonably deep voice;
  • Well-groomed;
  • Financially quite well off, if not outright wealthy;
  • Preferably well-traveled;
  • Possessed of great wit and personality;
  • Full of great stories to tell
The man who meets all, or even just most, of these attributes, is a rare character indeed. The fact is that most men will never meet these standards.

Conversely, as that clip above shows, what does a woman have to do in order to be attractive to the widest array of men?
  1. Be young
  2. Be cute
... And that's actually about it.

Even then, the girls in that clip are honestly not all that attractive- not to me, anyway.

You can see this vast gulf in attributes required for attraction quite clearly in the clip above. When the ladies are forced to rely on something other than their looks to compete for the attentions of the men that they meet, they are utterly out to sea- adrift, rudderless, and without any hope of rescue.

The worst among them- that black girl, for instance- have personalities and voices that are so grating, so shrill, and so annoying that they simply get shut down by the men that they are targeting- and those men are not exactly the cream of the crop either.

But the best part of the video- or maybe the worst, depending on how you look at it- comes at about the 4:40 mark. For 2 minutes after that, you see these women confronted with the truly horrifying reality of their existence: without their looks, they just don't have much else to fall back upon.

Left unsaid, however, was the spectre that has to haunt every hot young woman under the age of, oh, 32.

Whether she acknowledges it or not, every beautiful girl knows that one day, her looks will fade. Her brow will wrinkle; her breasts won't be quite as perky as they once were; her arse won't look quite as snug and round in those jeans; her hair will lose its lustrous sheen; and her stomach will lose its taut, firm appearance.

And when all of that disappears, what then will she have to fall back upon?

What will she have that will allow her to compete with younger, tighter, bouncier, fitter versions of her former self?

For most young women today, as with those young ladies in that stupid reality TV show, the answer will be: nothing.

No real domestic skills- any man with sense enough to chop vegetables and meat into small pieces and make a stir-fry can already cook better than about 90% of young girls out there today, after all.

No real personality- because most such girls skate by on their looks and never have to develop anything else through diligent study and hard sweat of the mind.

No interesting stories to tell that don't involve public inebriation and humiliation of some form or another.

No particular skills that mark them as exceptional in one field or another.

I am generalising considerably, obviously, but that is a reality for which modern young women simply are not prepared. They are going to get to their mid-thirties, realise that they have wasted all of their prime years, and be left with virtually nothing else.

An axiomatic truth of the male condition is that we are the disposable sex. And, of course, because we are disposable and interchangeable, we have to do an awful lot of hard work to make ourselves the best men that we can become. Those who succeed tend to do very well in multiple arenas of life. Those who fail are condemned to a lifetime of obscurity and mediocrity.

However, the other side of the coin is that, because we are disposable, we also have much more time in order to make the most of ourselves.

Women, of course, are precious. They are the fairer, gentler, and weaker sex, and that is very much to the good. A world without women would be... well, horrible.

(That, by the way, is in my opinion one very major reason why Loony Islamist Nutbags keep suffering from premature detonations in public. Because of the extremely closeted and sexually repressed nature of many hardcore Muslim societies, those boys ain't got nuttin' to nut in, other than maybe the ever-reliable Rosey Palm.)

But nothing comes for free. And the cost of that rarity and value, for a woman, is that her "best years" are pretty much between the ages of 15 and 30- 35 if she takes REALLY good care of herself.

And that's it.

No do-overs. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go straight to the "invisible woman" stage.

When that happens, it really is a tragedy to see. There is no joy in watching a once-beautiful young woman getting pushed to the sidelines by the inevitable ravages of time.

And those women in that show just saw that future, in all of its horror and glory, right in front of their eyes.

Is it any surprise, then, that they nearly lost their marbles in the process?


  1. One damn quibble - It's not just diet, the woman on the left gets some excercise in somewhere. Some. A little tone in the arms but not enough elsewhere to have dedicated herself to core strength training, nor the stringiness of constant jogging. That said, I won't get hung up on it (train is fine) as the core point being made is absolutely true. Especially When women rate 80% of men as below average.

    As to the clip - yeah, the histrionics are scripted, but the look of horror behind the eyes of the two girls who basically washed out was real. They mouthed platitudes of "wow I get what guys go through" but never got to "I need to have something to offer"

    As to that something else. Hell yeah. I may not sew clothes from scratch but I can button, patch, apply patches, iron, launder, scrub, do dishes, and god damn can I cook.

    And frankly, doing that single incurred little enough overhead I had MORE spare time.

    Sex has a value, but women want time well above what that is worth to all but the thirstiest men, and offer nothing else for the attention and focus they crave.

    1. One damn quibble - It's not just diet, the woman on the left gets some excercise in somewhere. Some. A little tone in the arms but not enough elsewhere to have dedicated herself to core strength training, nor the stringiness of constant jogging.

      This is true. I just couldn't find an adequate demotivator that contained BOTH diet AND exercise.

      I may not sew clothes from scratch but I can button, patch, apply patches, iron, launder, scrub, do dishes, and god damn can I cook.

      Exactly. When you are self-sufficient as a man, you very quickly realise that there are maybe three things that you need women for. And when- not if- sexbots become a reality, one of those things goes straight to the can.

    2. Exercise is helpful, but it is possible for a girl, if she is of suitable genetics to go without any and still be considered attractive in her prime years.

      The main purpose of exercise for women is to hold off the impending weight gain that inevitably comes with a careless diet and lowered metabolism as she approaches her wall years. Also being physically fit tends to come with other pluses- such as better mental health so one is less batshit crazy.

      Anyway the panic that comes with the realisation that it was their looks that had been giving them social passes and now that resource is fast fading is very real. I am currently seeing my female acquaintances go through that phase.

      Some start presenting a carefully cultivated, made up facade on social media where every picture is intended to be as flattering as possible- not a bad thing but any rep pill can see the underlying dynamic of them being aware that things if not maintained, are on a downslope.

      Others just give up and keep posting gurl power feminist memes on fb while they become dumpy and swell up- they never really bothered with taking care of themselves in their peak years and were satisfied with the male attention they could pull from thirsty males, only to realise too late that that the script flips as they approach their 30s.

      They didn't take care of themselves enough and now feel that climbing back is too much work. It is sad to watch but they made their bed and have to sleep in it.

      On the other hand, it's inspiring to see some formerly whimpy, beta guys get it and come to their own. The years of rejection and failure served as training and they learnt the right lessons. The irony is that these were the same guys who were rejected by the women who are now approaching the wall.

      Play the long game.

    3. Play the long game.

      Indeed. Patience, and perseverance are good lessons for any man to learn.

  2. Be Christopher Hitchens?

  3. I sometimes used to say to sundry German bimbos at the club in Darmstadt that, "The problem with young women - I won't pander and say 'ladies' - today is that they lack both the endearing charm of innocence and the skill and grace that comes with broad experience and attention to the job at hand."

  4. Actually, I met Yolanda at age 16, married her when she was 17, and she got progressively better looking for the next 28 or 29 years. Then she stabilized for a while. She's showing a little age now, at 54 but not all that much, really.

    Odds genes, to be sure, with her grandparents having almost 400 years between them and the grandmother, whom she favored, having, to all clothed appearances, a teenager's body at age 97 after bearing 12 children that lived.

    Still, yes, as averages those ages seem to hold generally true for most women.


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