Time to play "Name the Culprit"

Let's say you're in the south of France, enjoying a beautiful evening at the beach with friends and family in Nice. It's kind of an important day in French history. All of a sudden, you see a pretty damn big truck veer off the road and mount the pavements, plowing through crowds of your fellow revelers- and somehow, during the chaos and the carnage that ensues, you see and hear the sound of gunshots coming from the truck itself.

And in the aftermath, assuming that you managed to keep yourself and your loved ones and friends out of harm's way, let's say you see scenes like this:

(Let's see how long those videos stay up. The SJWs at Google tend to be pretty keen on censoring evidence of atrocities committed by followers of the-religion-that-shall-not-be-named, after all.)

So now that you've been exposed to that horror and the madness that follows it, let me ask you a multiple-choice question:

What would you guess as to the ideology of the persons who carried out the attack? Was it carried out by:
a) Basque Separatists
b) Some REALLY inattentive Pokemon Go players
c) Germans
d) Muslims

If you aren't French, and if you have a sufficient number of brain cells to figure out how to boil a pot of water, you'll know the answer pretty much immediately.

This attack wasn't carried out by TeleTubbies. It wasn't perpetrated in the name of "social justice" or liberte, egalite, fraternite. It wasn't some idiot's idea of a fun joyride. It was deliberate, planned, cold-blooded murder in the name of an ancient Arabic moon-god, whose followers insist that Western civilisation must be destroyed in the name of that fairy-tale.

I personally do not much like the French. I find them irritating, overbearing, and imbued with a wholly undeserved sense of cultural superiority. And despite my generally excellent personal relationships with specific members of the French community, I suspect that the feeling is largely mutual.

Despite that, however, I have never wished the French harm. And I sure as hell never wanted to go to bed on the night of the 14th with the knowledge that innocent French children were being ground under the tires of a truck on the Riviera.

And if I were in France right now, I would be wondering just why in the hell it is that the French government- supposedly sworn to protect the people of France- is insisting on averting its eyes and refuses to see the evidence right in front of it.

The French people have now been attacked three times in the space of 19 months. The Charlie Hebdo massacres in January 2015 were just a harbinger of things to come. The Bataclan attacks in Paris showed the world just how serious ISIS is about bring war and death to its enemies at home and abroad. And now we have the latest Bastille Day attacks in Nice, as if to hammer home the point.

France, and the rest of the civilised West, is now at war with an enemy that its elites refuse to name, refuse to confront, refuse to treat seriously. Air strikes are not a solution; they are merely a showy and expensive way of annoying one's enemies. The only way to actually win a war like this is to treat the enemy within and without as precisely that- an enemy that must be destroyed.

The worst part about these attacks is that they could easily have been prevented if only France had followed anything like a rational immigration policy. If the French people had refused to elect elites who believed in open borders and globalist institutions, and if the French elites themselves had not insisted on importing tens of thousands of barbarians from cultures and nations that are utterly alien and hostile to the very civilisation that France itself helped create, then these attacks likely would never have happened.

In fact, the only people who seem to be taking the attack seriously are the very people that the French establishment have scorned and mocked and derided for years as "ultranationalists" and "fascists" and "extremists":
The war against the scourge of fundamentalism hasn’t started, it must now be declared,” she said in a statement. “That is the deep wish of the French, and I will put all my energy so that they are finally heard and the necessary fight is finally undertaken.
France is now coming to the end of the road as far as its immigration policies are concerned. The entire country is being forced to confront a stark, terrible, and bloody reality that its people and its leaders would desperately love to wish away. But they cannot, and the rest of Europe will soon follow suit in confronting these horrors- I would go so far as to predict that the next country to face a really bad Islamist attack will be Germany, followed in very short order by Sweden.

The French elites, like the globalist leaders of nations across the once-free world, would have us believe that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam, that a supposedly great and peaceful religion has been subverted and corrupted by a cruel and evil minority that twists the teachings of their "prophet" into malicious lies.

This is complete bullshit. And it is well past time that we all stopped believing it.

Indeed, if I were in France right now, I'd be doing exactly what I've been doing with American news media and politics for the last few years: if the "establishment" says something is white, I immediately assume that it is black. Such is the extent of their mendacity, their blind folly, their insane stupidity in letting the violent racist supremacist political ideology that is Islam so thoroughly into the borders of the West.

I say this because I know something of the history of Islam. My own people were under Islamic rule for over five hundred years before we were colonised by the British Empire. The death toll during that period of Islamic imperialism was appalling, on a scale rarely seen up until that point in history.

So when I say that the West is facing an existential threat, I know of what I speak.

The beast isn't just at the door, pawing and howling to get in. Your leaders let it in- with a smile and a wave, and with an invitation to sit at the dining table and partake of the feast.

And now you wonder why it runs amok through your houses, slaughtering your children, raping your women, emasculating your men.

For my part, I wonder just why the hell it took the West so long to figure out that evil cannot be compromised with, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be treated as anything other than what it is. For that is precisely what we face- evil, in its most dreadful form.

And that evil has presented us with a three-part choice:
  • Convert to Islam wholesale- not an attractive option, I've lived in an Islamic country and I can tell you that I would much rather prefer to live under Christian hegemony any day of the week;
  • Agree to live as dhimmi under Islamic shariah law, while paying the jizyah tax of protection- which is not much removed from slavery, as any halfway-decent investigation into the realities of dhimmitude will tell you;
  • Outright war
The Western nations are at or near the end of the road. They have deceived and deluded themselves for decades into thinking that bringing in hordes of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Iranians, and Afghanis- most of whom know nothing about Western culture, a very great many of whom agree at least in principle with the ideology of shariah law- could be done free of negative consequences. They all subscribed to the absurd theory of "magic dirt", believing that by bringing such folk over they could rapidly solve their own severe problems with rapidly declining fertility rates while still, somehow, preserving their culture.

In the last 19 months, some 400 people have now paid in blood for that folly- and that is just in France alone.

How many more must die before the French, and the other nations of the West, understand that we are at war? How many more children must be crushed under the wheels of trucks, blown apart by suicide bombers in the streets, gunned down in concert halls, or raped in their thousands while their police protectors refuse to do their damn jobs out of fear of being called racists?

What more will it take before the once-Christian nations of the West take up arms, expel the invaders who have defiled their native soil, and do whatever is necessary to contain and destroy the mortal threat of Islam?

I suspect we are going to find out very soon. And I tremble to think of how many will die both before and after that decision is taken.

Things are going to go from bad to worse to catastrophic in fairly short order, make no mistake about that. We are in a war for the very survival of our way of life, even if it doesn't look like that from where you are standing right now. The battle lines have been drawn. Choose your side, and choose well, for there is no going back anymore. The days of peace and plenty are done, and it will be a long and terrible road ahead before we see the like of them again.


  1. Very clear essay. Thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Precisely where did I ever say that it was?

  3. Political correctness is one the greatest society destroyers of our times. It is the enabler for great evils like Islam.

  4. I wasn't criticizing your article, I was talking about the desperate political fear that recognizing a criminal cult somehow makes you a racist.

    It's like requiring ID checks for voting. How exactly does that make you a racist?

    1. That is a valid point.

      As for why the fear exists, it's basically because, as you know, criticism of Islam is almost always and immediately met with threats of violence- at minimum. In a world in which r-selected types rule- as they do in Western nations, for now- threats of violence are terrifying for such folk to face. So they work to silence any who would spark such threats in the first place.

      Foolishly, by doing so, they work to thwart the very people who they need to keep them safe when, not if, the threat boils over into true violence.

  5. The world can only be saved by K-selected violent Throwbacks. Again.

    (sigh) as usual. Sometimes It's like being the maid. "I just cleaned up in here... Can't you keep the world saved for like, 5 minutes?"

  6. Frankly, I like threats of violence. It gives me the excuse I need to engage proactively.


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