The Great Crusade begins

At long last, it is done. Donald J. Trump is no longer the "presumptive" Republican nominee for President. He is now, for better or for worse, the man who will bear the standard of the Stupid Wing of the One Party of Big Government into electoral combat against the other wing.

This election is the most exciting that I can remember. I was born after President Reagan's first term ended, so I have absolutely no memory of what things were like back in the days when there was an actual choice available in terms of platforms and ideas. For years I thought that President BAMF, a man whom I respect and revere as I do no other President since Calvin Coolidge, was truly the Last of the Romans, the last great man to hold true to the ideals that founded this country and that made it the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

After the much-ballyhooed coming of the liberal (dipshit) messiah in 2008, I had thought that a platform of America-first nationalism, founded on and driven by an ardent love of what America was and just might become once again, would never be able to succeed. The election of 2012, in which Mitt Romney essentially tried his absolute best to be as inoffensive as possible to as many different minority groups as he could be- and failed miserably at it, as squishy centrist Republicans always do- was so boring that I simply didn't bother paying even a modicum of attention to it.

(Hell, there were times that I couldn't even figure out the actual differences between Odoofuss and Romney. He was that bad a candidate.)

But now we are greeted by the sight of a true outsider Alpha male, who refuses to be intimidated by anyone or anything, taking on the very epitome of the globalist establishment that has done so much to damage and destroy this country. This is shaping up to be an epic clash of both ideas and personalities, one that will be studied by historians for decades to come, no matter what the outcome is.

It should be a hoot to watch.

The major question on everyone's minds, including my own, is: can he win?

The answer, as far as I can tell, is that he will not merely win; he will humiliate the Hilldebeast in the process.

Now, let us make no mistake: there is a LOT wrong with Donald Trump as a candidate and as a possible President. He is intemperate. He is rude. His knowledge of statecraft is, to put it very kindly, rudimentary at best. His bluntness, his directness, his willingness to tell things as he sees them, are absolutely appalling to the establishment elites who would like to see nothing more than the sight of the rabble that he has roused being brought to heel- preferably in chains, so that they never dare to raise their heads to yelp at them again.

He is inconsistent in his beliefs; within living memory, he has claimed to be very, if not extremely, liberal in terms of his political beliefs, and has boasted of his friendships with the Clintons repeatedly. He has claimed to be for abortion before he was against it. He has claimed to be in favour of gun control, before he was against it. His statements on religion, immigration, and almost any other subject have contradicted each other repeatedly.

His business sense is... dubious, at best. He has been through multiple bankruptcies. He is a shameless self-aggrandiser who has no problem boasting about his accomplishments to anyone who will listen.

He is a shameless narcissist. His ability to shift effortlessly from his old positions to his new ones indicates at least mildly sociopathic tendencies. He is positively Macchiavellian in his ability to manipulate the media and use them to his advantage.

He is, in short, the very epitome of an Alpha male. And, since I am not a Gamma, I admire him tremendously for that very fact.

Now, having got all of the many, valid, and trenchant criticisms of The Donald out of the way, it's time we got something straight. I'm about to reveal the worst-kept secret in the Alt-Right when it comes to der Konig Drumpf- to most readers, this won't come as any kind of surprise at all.

This is for our friends over on the Left.

So here's the secret- the reason why we support Mr. Trump's epic conquest of American politics, the reason why we believe in him despite his oh-so-many manifest flaws as a candidate. Are you ready?! Are you ready?!? Here goes!!!


We just don't. We could not give a single flying proverbial about his past inconsistencies.

You want to know why? Because he is, quite simply, THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE with voice and influence and balls enough to tell the truth about what has happened to America, and to the Western civilisation that this great nation once guarded so zealously and so capably.

He is the only one willing to challenge the globalist elites head-on. As I have written before, he was, until not very long ago, one of those globalist elites. He is now a traitor to his own class. He has taken on enormous personal, political, financial, and reputational risk against the entire weight of the establishment

And he is winning.

He has given voice to the millions of Americans who know in their very bones that their country, their civilisation, their entire way of life, has been destroyed before their eyes. He has shown them that they are many, and they are strong. He has taught them that simply submitting meekly to the fate where America becomes yet another failed state, yet another terrible lesson in human foolishness cast upon the ash heap of history, is not the only option available.

He has pointed the finger of blame squarely where it belongs, against the globalist elites that have wrought so much evil in the name of human "progress". He has told the truth about what happens when America insists on importing millions of foreigners directly hostile to America's founding values. He has stated boldly that America must look after American interests first and foremost. He has been willing to name Islam as the enemy of a free West as nobody else in a position of power has even bothered to try.

As for his many business failures- a reader pointed out to me after I originally wrote this post that the public laughingstock that is Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas herself, had made a big deal out of some analysis done on Mr. Trump's business ventures. Apparently that analysis concluded that Mr. Trump could have simply plonked his money in the stock market and spent the rest of his days on a yacht nailing sailing with his hot-as-hell wife, and he would have done just as well.

You know what that tells me? It tells me that Mr. Trump is a man willing to work to earn his status and his power and his privileges. It tells me that Mr. Trump is smarter and better and more capable than well over 75% of all active money managers out there- many of whom are registered Democrats, for some bizarre reason. It tells me that he is of a methodical cast of mind, lives by his own exertions, and doesn't take shit from anyone.

I work for a living too. When I see a man who is not only willing but happy to take on great risks to achieve great rewards, I don't think that such a man should be torn down- I think that he should be respected and admired for his tenacity and his skill.

He is also a man whose sons and daughters are, in no uncertain terms, great successes in their own right. His personal life is certainly colourful, but his children speak of him as a firm yet loving father. Having a strong father myself, I know how important that is, and I respect Mr. Trump greatly for the fact that his children have spent their entire lives in the public eye- yet all of them are models of grace, dignity, and human decency.

Can, say, the Kennedy family claim the same thing?

As for his changing political beliefs- yes, he has been inconsistent. To which I reply: so what? Ronald Reagan started out as a liberal Democrat who supported President Roosevelt's massive social engineering programs- yet he grew out of that phase and became a rock-ribbed conservative and the greatest crusader against evil since Richard the Lionheart. Contrariwise, Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl in 1965, yet look at what she has become now.

Satan used to work for God, too, y'know.

In the final analysis, in a contest between someone as charismatic, as outspoken, and as pugnacious as him, and someone as mendacious, lifeless, and downright evil as the Hilldebeast, I am quite confident that he will win.

I could, of course, be horribly wrong. I have been horribly wrong about such things in the past; back when Odumbass was elected, I thought that he might just manage to be a decent President. (Even I wasn't stupid enough back then to think that he would be good, but I was willing to settle for "decent".)

But recent events have given me reason to hope, as I had scarcely dared to hope before, that the American people will still rise up and take back what was once theirs.

And, as cheesy as it sounds, you cannot spell TRIUMPH without Trump.

So suppose this does, in fact, happen, and Mr. Trump thrashes the Hilldebeast in the general election- already, the Rasmussen polls, which I trust far more than any other, indicate that Mr. Trump is edging towards a slim victory.

I expect that this margin will only grow over time, especially once Mr. Trump begins campaigning in earnest against the Hilldebeast. She is an ATROCIOUSLY bad candidate, who is only able to stay in the race because the globalist media in this country hate and fear Mr. Trump so much that they will do literally anything to provide cover for her.

What would a Trump Presidency look like?

My honest answer is: I don't have the first damned clue.

And neither does anyone else. Anyone who claims he does, in fact, is so full of shit that if you slapped him on the back, piles of fertiliser would come flying out.

We do, however, have one past example to guide us. And that example is the very President that I revere and admire more than almost any other: President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Like Mr. Trump, President Badass was a product of his time. While he had far more political experience going into the 1980 campaign than The Donald did, he was anything but part of the Republican "establishment"- or any other establishment, for that matter. After serving as Governor of California, he retired happily back to life as a private citizen. And there he would have stayed, until his outrage at the way that President Ford handled relations with the Soviets forced him to re-enter politics.

He campaigned as a true outsider, a man willing and able to speak dangerous truths in a time when lies were the currency of the land. He refused to concede so much as an inch on the subject of the evil empire; his firm belief, from the moment he started his first, failed campaign, to the moment he finally retired again in 1989, was that the Soviet empire had to be destroyed.

He was a man of unbending principle, of immense physical strength and unmatched moral courage. He was a good man who became great because he followed the dictates of his conscience, and his profound, heartfelt conviction that Almighty God Himself intended for America to be free.

He entered office as an outsider. He governed almost entirely as an American nationalist. He put American interests first- not always with good results, mind. He was still fundamentally the same man when he left the Presidency as he was when he entered it. He never "corrected" and became a moderate.

And in the process, he transformed America. He gave her back her true self, if only for a short while. He became the greatest President of the 20th Century.

Mr. Trump has a chance to become one of the greatest Presidents of the 21st if he follows that same pattern.

Again, I could be hopelessly wrong. It could be that, once in office, his Macchiavellian tendencies take over and he betrays everything he campaigned on. It could be that he gives in to the Washington establishment and becomes exactly the kind of squishy, useless centrist that has done such profound and terrible damage to this nation.

But I seriously doubt it. He has burned too many bridges, destroyed the egos of too many careerist politicians. I think that he will do exactly what he has said he will do.

And the elites are terrified of that. As they bloody well should be.

So onward, God-Emperor Trump, to the Great Crusade. As a proud de Tocquevillean, I wish you all possible success in your quest to Make America Great Again- for I love this country, as you do, and I too would see it restored to its rightful place in the world.


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