The gathering storm

The last week has shown anyone who is paying attention that a race-war has moved well beyond the "remote possibility" stage, and right smack into "virtual certainty" status. And that bodes extremely poorly for us all.

The Dallas shootings were a textbook example of 4th Generation Warfare- in all of its horror and complexity. Those who have kept up with their reading on the subject will know that fighting a 4th-Generation war is extraordinarily difficult for state-actors to do. In order to have even the slightest hope of winning, the state actors have to use "the power of weakness". They have to be willing to de-escalate, take casualties, and act against their own short-term interests if necessary in order to regain trust, win allies, and retake lost territory.

Or so the theory goes, anyway. In reality, the theory of 4GW has some major flaws- chief among which is the implicit belief that there are, at some level, clearly identifiable "good guys" who need to employ innovative tactics in order to win.

The problem with those shootings, and its aftermath, is that there are no good guys.

The Boys in Blue

One the one hand, you have the police, who are, in my experience, by and large decent men doing a difficult job. But I do not trust them- and neither do an increasingly large number of Americans. Instead of stopping to ask why it is that the very people that they have sworn to protect, no longer trust them to do their jobs, the police instead reacted to the Dallas massacre by becoming more militarised, more heavy-handed, and more willing to trample all over the Constitution in order uphold unjust laws that violate both the freedoms and security of a once-free people.

Think upon journalist Lee Stranahan's experience at the hands of the police, following the Dallas shootings:
A little before midnight on Saturday, I was covering the protests near the Baton Rouge Police Department with a line of about 30 police officers onto Airline Drive. The road was shut down, and police were standing about 15 feet away from a line of yelling protesters on the side of the road. Suddenly, the police charged and began arresting people in the line. 
I moved over to see what was going on, and while remaining at the front of the line of protesters, I moved laterally closer to the action. I shot a short video clip, which you can see shows that the road is closed, the police are in the road, and I was right next to both protesters and other photographers. 
After I shot this clip, I began to shoot again, when I was approached by two police officers, one of whom grabbed my camera, put my arms behind my back, and put on wire-tie handcuffs. 
I did nothing to break the law. I was not obstructing traffic because with the road closed and police blocking the lane, there was no traffic. At no point did I hear the police give any order for me or anyone else to stay back. I was given no warning whatsoever; I was simply approached and forced to stop recording.
That is not the sign of a police force that recognises that it has lost the trust of the people. That is the sign of a paranoid, dictatorial, and dangerous group of oppressors willing to ignore any sensible restraint.

Now, one can claim- legitimately- that in an environment of heightened fear and uncertainty, it makes sense for police officers to be extra cautious and simply arrest anyone who they even think poses a threat. There is a lot of sense in that argument- from the perspective of a police officer, anyway.

But from the perspective of the population in general, that is a surefire way to lose the trust of the people. And precisely this is already happening.

The Morlocks

On the other hand, we have the Black Lives Matter "movement", if one can call it that. In reality, BLM is a dyscivic attempt by the Left and their useful-idiot allies in the media and among the elites of this country to squash opposition under a tide of insults, fear, intimidation, and physical violence.

To those of us who think for ourselves and no longer trust our so-called "elites" to tell us the truth and protect us, it has been clear for a good long while now that blacks in society are not the same as whites, on an aggregate level. There are, to be sure, individual well-socialised blacks whose acquaintance any free man should cultivate. However, any fair-minded examination of the crime statistics will show that blacks, whites, and "others" are as different from each other as chalk and cheese.

Blacks comprise approximately 14.3% of the US population as of 2015. As of 2014, the FBI's own crime statistics show that blacks committed 35.7% of assaults and a staggering 48.5% of all murders recorded in the dataset. They are responsible for roughly 25% of crimes against property and society (drugs, prostitution, pornography, gambling, etc.).

Yet the same dataset shows that they comprise less than 9% of all assault offence victims, and less than 0.05% of all homicide victims. What gives?

Basically, blacks are far more dangerous to whites than the other way around- as Colin Flaherty's books show, black violence against whites, and other races, is at endemic levels but goes scrupulously unreported. And if blacks are dangerous to whites, they are vastly more dangerous to each other- as is well known by now, black-on-black crime far outstrips any other crime by race.

And while police brutality absolutely must be condemned for the violation of trust that it is, it is quite difficult to rationally apportion blame to police officers when they know, through both statistics and real-life experience, that blacks make up a disproportionate number of the total population of cop killers.

The Dogs of War

These things are not judgements or opinions. They are facts. And the facts point to an increasingly inescapable conclusion: black America stands apart from white America.

Black America is increasingly violent, disorderly, dangerous, and downright uncivilised. White America is, for the most part, quiet, congenial, orderly, safe, and civilised.

If history teaches us anything, it shows that a violent and aggressive minority culture operating inside a passive and pacifistic majority culture can only end in one of two ways.

Either the majority passively accepts its fate and goes quietly into the night- which doesn't happen very often, actually; I cannot think of a single good example of such a thing.

Or the majority culture starts... reacting. Violently.

Whether we like it or not, the facts, the trends, and the flow of current events point increasingly inescapably to one extremely unpleasant conclusion: racial war is coming to the United States.

And we should be very, very worried about that prospect.

Such a war will not be fought cleanly or easily. It will be dirty, ugly, and terrible in both human and psychological cost. The major flaw with 4GW theory, as LTC Kratman once pointed out, is that fighting such a war results in a mutual descent into barbarism. There are no good guys in such a situation, just as there are no good guys here and now. There is no one to negotiate with. There are no codes of honour to adhere to, no mutual constraints to be accepted within the norms of the Laws of War.

There is only war, in all of its terror, all of its barbarity, all of its destructiveness.

Be ready for it when- not if, but when- it comes. Your communities and your people are now at risk, and things are almost certain to get worse from here as police departments around the country tighten their grips when they should be loosening them.

Defend yourself, your family, your loved ones and friends as best as you can. Be prepared and ready for the escalations in violence that are already occurring, and keep your head about you. This is going to get much, much worse before it gets any better.


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