Songs of freedom

Seems appropriate given the day, eh?

Happy 4th of July to all of my readers, wherever y'all are. It is not my custom to celebrate this day much beyond writing and maybe drinking a beer or two, but it is a day worth celebrating nonetheless, no matter what you might think of what has happened to the country that was created on this day 240 years ago.


  1. Not metal, but courtesy of John Ringo (damn him.... I have him to credit for Nightwish, Dragonforce, the Cruxshadows, and yes, Heather Alexander)...

    There is something to Celtic folk that speaks to my soul - not that much of surprise given that I was raised steeped in european folk music by my Lithuanian relatives and family, and how much the folk-metal of some Nightwish tunes play on the same Celtic theme and emotion..

    1. Yeah. John Ringo's sense of humour can be a bit... weird sometimes, but his taste in music is impeccable.

      I checked out "March of Cambreadth" after I ran into the lyrics in one of his Posleen War books. Damn good song.


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