Nope, it's still retarded

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the gym- CROSSFIT STRIKES!

There is this documentary kicking around on Netflix right now called The Fittest on Earth. Apparently the claim is that CrossFitters are, well, the fittest people anywhere. I'll believe that when I see a CrossFitter get into a cage with 4oz gloves on to fight for five 5-minute rounds in a full-contact stand-up match.

You claim to be the fittest on Earth? Fine. Put on some gloves, go all out for a few rounds of real striking against really skilled fighters, and then we'll see how fit you really are. I promise you that you will gas out far faster than you can possibly believe.

Hell, I'll happily spar with the average CrossFitter- I like sparring. (Don't ask me why- probably one too many knocks to the head.) Get yourself some 14oz boxing gloves and a decent set of shin protection, look me up, and let's go spar under muay thai rules.

Now, as I have said many times here, I NEVER mock real lifters. I don't care if they're on juice or not. I don't care whether they're using belts, straps, wraps, compression suits, or whatever. Real lifters, with real strength and real power, are people for whom I have the highest respect.

The same goes for anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to get strong by learning how to lift properly, safely, and with good form. A couple of readers have asked for advice on how to lift, and I have been happy to share what I know (and I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert). Others have shared stories of their progress with me, and I have always taken great pleasure in reading them.

There are many good ways to get strong, fit, and healthy. CrossFit is not one of them.

The flaws with CrossFit ultimately come down to its focus on high reps of heavy weights. This is crazy.

The correct way to train is either to focus on high reps of light weights, or low reps of heavy weights. Either method, when combined with sufficient rest and good nutrition, will allow you to avoid excessive fatigue and keep you safe from injury.

The former method is generally used by bodybuilders to achieve muscular hypertrophy of specific muscles, whereas the latter method is generally used by powerlifters to achieve hypertrophy of the entire body. (This is a generalisation, to be sure; there are bodybuilders who can outlift even championship powerlifters, and there are powerlifters who are more aesthetic than many competitive bodybuilders. Like most generalisations, this one is rooted in basic observation.)

To mix up the two is to invite disaster- not to mention potentially catastrophic injury.

So if you're looking to get fit, lean, and strong- by all means, learn how to lift, and learn how to do it well. Just don't try to pretend that CrossShit is the way to go about it.


  1. Work colleague harangued me for years to join Crossfit. Now he's off with a chronic shoulder injury. You can't tell some people.


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