I could get used to it

I am not normally a fan of dance music. I am even less so a fan of the abomination that we know today as "dubstep", which I find extremely repetitive and boring and mind-numbing- and made even worse by the fact that many of the people who make it look, and sound, like this guy.

(Yes, I am well aware that our very own Supreme Dark Overlord is, or was, an electronica artist- and part of a Billboard Top 40 act, in fact. I don't agree with him about everything- just the important stuff.)

But lately I have to admit that I have been rather enjoying certain progressive deep trance mixes. Like, say, this one:

I still cannot claim to be a fan of this stuff. But it's growing on me. This sort of thing is quite pleasant to listen to when your brain needs to disengage from the world around you and actually get some work done. There is nothing quite like pleasant ambient noise to make irritating people and places disappear, after all.


  1. I long ago had gotten hooked on Paul Oakenfold - style trance music, and more recently, deep house.


    Enough of a beat to not put you to sleep, but layered, more laid back music both intricate enough to pay attention to, but rarely if ever seizing your attention, so it made great background music for working.

    I've found deep house - much of it laid-back remixes of pop songs, many better than the original - excellent music for driving. Or anything requiring focus/meditative time. There's a youtube channel, DJ Drop G.

    I'd expect Deep Trance to be similar to the last and will give it a listen.

    1. Yep- I use it for the same purpose: background ambient noise when working, so as to cancel out the !@#$%^&* around me who love to hear the sounds of their own voices.


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