Damn but that is a good album

New song off the latest VOLBEAT album- when these guys get things going, they really know how to string together a great tune:

VOLBEAT, of course, are known for this sort of thing- great catchy well-crafted songs with powerful, uplifting lyrics. See also:

And, of course, my perennial favourite VOLBEAT song:


  1. Never heard of them before last year when I got Sirius. Octane plays the crap out of them. Love catchy rockabilly crossed with metal. Totally agree: new album is great.

    Whatcha think of Amity Affliction?

    1. Yeah, I came across VOLBEAT when they opened for MEGADETH back at Gigantour a few years back, and I've been hooked ever since. This new album is much better than the previous one- better songs, better lyrics, better musicianship overall.

      Never actually heard of Amity Affliction up until now. Got any specific song recommendations? I'll check 'em out.

    2. I rather like their new album. Pittsburgh and Take The Weather With Me are the two best.

  2. Damn you. Short of John Ringo you've gotten me hooked on more damn bands.

    FWIW - 21 pilots that was recently mentioned at Vox's is worth a listen.


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