A demon in human form

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Despite my rather less than salutory opinions about certain people and places, there are actually very few people that I genuinely despise and hate. Life is simply too short to spend it filled with loathing of others.

Hillary Clinton and her almost-equally-loathsome husband are two very rare exceptions to that rule.

I thought I had some idea of just how corrupt, venal, mendacious, and downright treacherous she and her husband were. That was before I had a chance to watch the documentary version of Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash.

The film was available free for public viewing last night at 8pm EST, and thanks to overwhelming demand is now going to be available twice more for free today on YouTube, at 2pm and 8pm EST. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. If you have an hour free this afternoon or tonight, SEE THIS MOVIE.

The documentary, like the book that created it, reveals in comprehensive, factual, and devastating detail exactly how, when, and where the Clintons sold favours and political access to third-world tyrants, crony capitalists, globalist politicians, and lobbyists from around the world.

In so doing, they compromised American interests and national security repeatedly, thoroughly, and without so much as a hint of remorse or guilt.

You would expect such levels of graft, corruption, cronyism, and theft in third-world nations. Where I am from, it is perfectly normal for a large segment of the lower house of Parliament to be facing criminal charges and be quite wealthy. It is also quite normal to have convicted criminals who were miraculously pardoned, or served very light sentences relative to the severity of their crimes, getting elected into positions of considerable power at the state and regional levels.

This is, I repeat, NORMAL in the third world. It's the price of doing business. It's the culture in a lot of those countries.

That doesn't make it right.

And that sure as hell doesn't make it something that the United States of America ought to be aspiring towards. The last time I checked, third-world status was not something that Americans actually want for their country.

Based on the evidence, though, if Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States of America, that is precisely what will happen. A once-proud and free nation that attempted (and often failed, of course) to hold its elected representatives to a higher standard, will become a third-world kleptocracy with not even the veneer of democratic representation available to cover the stench of corruption.

The only rational conclusion that can be drawn from that documentary and the book is that the Clintons have even less dignity, even less modesty, than your average street hooker. At least the prostitute is usually honest enough to recognise that she is renting out her soul. The Hilldebeast isn't even honest enough to admit that much.

I am not for even a moment going to claim that her opponent, Trump-Muad'dib, is any paragon of virtue. He isn't. But, as far as I know, and as far as anyone else seems to be able to tell, he hasn't been selling political access and favours in return for cash- because he doesn't need the money, he has plenty of his own.

Come this November, it looks like American voters will face the most clear and stark choice between two ideologies, and two personalities, that they have faced in over a generation. On one side they will be able to choose a flawed, fallen, and utterly human man who nonetheless has taken on tremendous personal, financial, and reputational risk in order to give millions of Americans the voice that they have been desperately wanting for decades.

On the other, they will be able to choose what I can only conclude is a Daemonette of the Chaos God Slaanesh in human form.

Kind of hard to tell the difference between the two, if I'm honest
Choose then, and choose well. And if you do end up choosing the greater of two evils- so to speak, for I'm not at all convinced that the Trumpinator is actually evil- then upon your head be the consequences.

All rights reserved to Ben Garrison and grrrgraphics.com. Original image can be found here.


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