"When in doubt, use the War"

There is apparently a football match coming up between Poland and Germany... or something. The particulars don't actually interest me. What DOES interest me is the way in which the greatest TV show on Earth- back before it became completely pussified, anyway- came up with what has to be THE best Volkswagen advertisement never made.

Skip ahead to about 3:20 if you want to pass over the initial, terrible, attempts from Jeremy Clarkson and James May to come up with a good advert for a car with- and there is no good way to say this- a diesel engine:

Unfortunately, the management types at Volkswagen didn't much care for that one. So instead of that very funny, very truthful advert, we get stuff like this instead:

... Okay, maybe the Darth Vader commercial is just about as funny as the Top Gear attempt. But it's a tough call, dude.


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