Vote "LEAVE", and become great again

Take up the White Man's burden-And reap his old reward;
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard-
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light-
"Why brought ye us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?"
-- From The White Man's Burden by Rudyard Kipling
It is not like I need any convincing about whether or not #Brexit is a good idea, obviously. I've been on the side of the "Leave" campaign ever since the very idea of a referendum on the subject was put forth by David Cameron's quisling government. But if you're a Brit, and you need any more convincing, here is a most excellent movie to help you do just that:

And now (in the tradition of the Olberschmuck, but hopefully not as smug or as self-righteous as that liberal douchebag), a special comment regarding the decision that Britain faces in just 4 days' time:

My friends,

You may consider it hyperbolic for anyone to say that this is the last chance your country has to regain its freedom. You may believe that Britain will always be sovereign over itself and that "the EU" is just a silly nuisance that no one pays attention to anyway. You may think that Britain needs the EU in order to stay economically relevant, and that all of this talk about how Switzerland is so prosperous because it isn't part of the EU, or the EEC, is just crazy nonsense from a bunch of racist, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging "Little Englanders" who have no idea what the hell they're talking about.

And you would be WRONG. In every conceivable way.

The only reason there is any real doubt among any of you as to whether or not #Brexit is a "good idea" is because you, as a people and therefore as a nation, have forgotten who you are.

So, if I may, as a child of a former colony of the British Empire, as a friend to Britain and everything it stands for, as one who loves your country, I will try to help you remember.

Britain is basically just a dark, damp, moss-covered, chilly, foggy, cloudy, smelly, miserable large lump of rock sitting in the North Atlantic. Its people are morose, drunken, grumpy, and- depending on which bit of the country you are in- damn near impossible to understand.

And yet, this seemingly useless little patch of inconsequential land sitting in a far corner of the world is the progenitor of the world's greatest, most successful, and by far most influential cultures. This benighted patch of cold, wet, windy land sitting in the middle of bloody nowhere, spawned the greatest empire that the world has ever seen.

And in the process of building, maintaining, and spreading out its empire, Britain gifted the world with perhaps the happiest geopolitical accident that has ever befallen an afflicted Mankind: the Anglosphere, an alliance of English-speaking nations with common values, ancestry, belief systems, and worldviews- and which, thanks to the work of British hands and British minds led by a Christian system of beliefs, has done more to advance the wealth, comfort, happiness of humanity than anything that has ever come before it.

As I wrote above, I was born in one of the former colonies of your Empire. My parents both live in that same country. Now, if you asked either of them- especially my father- they would argue that the British Empire raped my country, took all that was best from it, divided its people, and did everything in its power to keep my people under their heel.

Yet even they, anti-colonialists that they are, would admit, however grudgingly, that the British Empire is also the reason why my country is, in fact, a country.

Sure, it was no picnic while it lasted. They took our resources, our diamonds and our silver and our gold, our sugar cane and rice and salt and other crops. They starved us and beat us and pressed us into indentured servitude to build their railways in Africa. They drafted us into their armies and sent us to die by our hundreds and our thousands in foreign lands, the rulers of whom we had no quarrel with personally before the Brits came over to kick over their tea-wagons. These things cannot be easily forgiven- if ever- and they stand as clear black marks against the British, and by extension all colonialists.

But those who took so much, also gave back much more- far more than the resources that they stripped from us.

The British gave my people roads, hospitals, medicine, engineering, advanced agriculture, industry, electricity, and uncounted other blessings. The British gave my people a sense of purpose, a reason for a divided and diverse people to band together into a united political body with a single voice. The British, in short, gave us our country, even though they also took everything they could while they were able to.

And, because of this, I, personally, am grateful for what the British accomplished.

My people are proud of who and what we are. We have a sense of community and tribalism that the West no longer has nor understands. We believe in family, in community, in national identity and destiny- the very same things that you Brits once believed in as well. You taught us well- perhaps too well- because you once knew what it means to be strong, proud, and above all free.

It is because of this that I am proud of the fact that it took the greatest empire on Earth to conquer my people- and in the process, gave us our country. A nation that once believed in itself, that knew itself to be strong and productive and energetic, ruled over a land of 300 million heathens with not much more than a hundred thousand civil servants, engineers, administrators, and missionaries.

That is an accomplishment that defies belief and comprehension. And yet the British did it.

Why is it, then, that after all of that, the British people could possibly want to put themselves under the yoke of a foreign empire far more tyrannical, far more oppressive, far more dangerous and inimical to freedom of thought and expression and belief than they, themselves, ever were???

For the European Union was an organisation founded expressly to avoid the mess and politics and nonsense of democracy. I actually understand this, in part; being something of an elitist snob (and uncaring enough of most people's opinions of me to be happy about that fact), I do in fact agree that mob rule is damned dangerous and should be avoided.

And if the EU was just about checking the worst excesses of democratic mob rule, I would have no quarrel with it. But the EU is about far more than that, and is far worse. If you need a catalogue of its excesses, its follies, and its dangers, then you have but to watch that movie up above.

The EU is dedicated to making the dreams of the global elites into reality. And that dream amounts to turning the world into one big happy mixed-race borderless playground of a socialist Utopia, where there is no want, no competition, no differentiation between peoples and races.

It sounds chuffing brilliant. But it actually amounts to hell on Earth.

It does so because, in order to perfect humanity, one would have to first destroy it. Everything that humanity is, everything that makes us who and what we are, all of the differences that (rightly and correctly) divide us into tribes and nations, would have to be torn down. 

The reality is that our tendency to divide ourselves into groups based on "those like us" is neither wrong nor problematic. It is a fundamental part of human nature. And those who would deny human nature, would ultimately crush that which makes us human, by definition.

Countless tyrants have tried to deny these basic facts. Countless millions have died in pursuit of these vainglorious, insane ambitions. And yet, mountains of bodies and oceans of blood still do not stop these fools from believing that they can create a world that is, in effect, a dead world, in which all individuality, all forms of personal expression and freedom, are erased in the name of conformity and ideological lockstep.

The EU is but the latest in a long string of failed Utopian experiments. The British, by contrast, have created freedom and prosperity just about wherever they have left their mark; those nations that have ignored or abused the gifts that their erstwhile masters gave them- like, say, most of Africa, much of the Middle East, or Pakistan- have only themselves to blame for their own foolishness and stupidity.

You British have much to be proud of. You should be proud of these things. And yet, you are not. Why is that?

Why is it that, every time I have visited London in the last 10 years, I have seen less and less that I recognise of what was once the world's greatest city? Why is it that, when I walk the streets of the city now, I see around me a sullen, angry, divided people speaking a thousand different tongues where once there was a single, happy, polite, decent people that merely spoke a hundred different accents of the same basic language? Why is it that there are now parts of London where decent, law-abiding non-Muslim Brits fear to go because they might "offend" the Muslims who today own and occupy those spaces?

What happened to Britain? What turned a once-great and proud nation, one that owned an empire upon which the Sun never truly set, into a pale, self-loathing, pathetic caricature of itself?

The answer is that your people lost their pride, their belief in themselves, their sense of their own destiny as a nation.

The good news is that the rediscovery of your values, your beliefs, and your own greatness is within your grasp. All you have to do is vote "LEAVE" on June 23rd.

Make no mistake, my friends, your political leadership will do everything they can to ignore your voices even if you do vote to leave. They have done it before; they will do it again. When other nations voted against adopting the Lisbon Treaty, often referred to as the European Constitution, as the law of their lands, they were ignored and the Treaty was adopted anyway.

Be under no illusions that your Prime Minister Cameron will do exactly the same thing with this vote.

But- and this is crucial- if he does ignore your voices and your will, he will destroy his own political future. He will have to go on record as opposing the will of the very people who gave him the power to govern their lives. You will have every right to haul him out of his plush Westminster offices by his ankles, tar and feather him, and toss him feet-first into the Thames. He will deserve it, at that point.

You, on the other hand, can go with a clean conscience before the Supreme Judge of the Universe and of Mankind, and say to Him that when you were given the chance to use the freedom for which you sacrificed and fought, you used it well, to do what you knew in your heart was right.

It is your choice. Use it well. Vote to Leave. Restore your dignity, your freedom, and your greatness as a nation. You have been given a chance to become once again a leader within the free world.
We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.

-- Ronald Wilson Reagan


  1. Feh, someone needs to asplode parlaiment.

    1. Guy Fawkes tried that back in 1605. Didn't work out so well for him.

      I don't disagree, though. At this point, we know that the globalist elite will do ANYTHING to hold on to their power and privileges.


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