Trap Lord swag

It turns out that the Trap Lord doesn't just make darkly funny video roasts of gym idiots doing... well, idiotic things. He also has his own apparel line.

I bought the lifting TriForce (Water Temple) t-shirt a few weeks ago, and was finally able to work out in it today. I have to say, Elgin's stuff is pretty good- the shirt is very comfortable, absorbs sweat well, breathes easily, and has a great design.

Also- and not like this matters to powerlifters, of course- it makes you look pretty damn good, if you actually have muscles worth looking at.

Looking good is, for a powerlifter, synonymous with being a Richard Simmons-level flaming homosexual humping the leg press machine. We don't go to the gym to look good or to hit on girls; to quote the great Dom Mazetti, powerlifting is all about being weird and hurting yourself for fun.

Nonetheless, it is still nice to be able to wear a shirt into the gym that makes you look as strong as you actually are.

Elgin's gear won't help you get laid. (Then again, neither will doing squats or deadlifts; they help you build up a tolerance for pain, suffering, and extremely hard work- which in turn will help you get laid, if you apply those lessons- but by themselves, they'll impress dudes more than dames.) But they might just make your workouts a little more pleasant, a bit more colourful, and a lot more comfortable.

There are two major downsides to buying stuff from Elgin's store. The first is that his best stuff isn't always in stock; the blue TriForce shirt that I bought, for instance, isn't currently available, which is annoying, to say the least. The second is that it takes a long time to ship; I bought the shirt like three weeks ago and only got it last week.

Even so, I'd say that the quality and the overall look and feel of the apparel is worth it.

I don't get paid for endorsing his stuff, but I would happily recommend it to others like me. So, get thee some righteous lifting gear, and go forth into the gym to lift as a manly man of epic manliness.


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