These idiots still don't get it

There is no disguising it any more- the Third Great Jihad is here, now, within America's shores:
In appearance on Fox News Channel on Sunday, Breitbart National Security senior editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka reacted to the mass shooting in Orlando, FL early Sunday morning resulting in the deaths of 50 people and 53 injured. 
The shooter, identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, is believed to have pledged an allegiance to the radical terrorist group ISIS, to which Gorka argued is evidence that the war has come to the United States. 
In the past 15 years, we haven’t seen an Episcopalian suicide bomber,” he said. “We haven’t seen Zoroastrian mass murderers. We’ve seen Muslim extremists. If you deny that, you are in a fantasy land, and you’re endangering American citizens. 
“It’s time to wake up, America,” he added. “The war is here.”
The war has always been here. The reality of Islam as a violent, intolerant, bigoted, xenophobic political ideology has not changed even once since the so-called "prophet" fled to Medina in about 622 AD and became a warlord.

Yet, for the past thirty years, the "progressive" Left and their useful idiots on the cuckservative Right have done their absolute damnedest to marginalise and vilify voices that asked Americans to take a long hard look at mass immigration from Muslim lands.

And now we see the bitter harvest of that insanity, in the form of dead and dying homosexuals who thought that they were just going out for a night of "fun and fantasy".

And still, as the bodies cool and rigour mortis sets in, and CSIs have to deal with what Andy Carvin describes below, still the regressive Left would like us to believe that this was simply an act of "hatred" and "intolerance", rather than the latest salvo fired in the Long War that they desperately want to believe has never been declared.

Instead, they blame the ready availability of "guns" for this tragedy. They blame homophobic "bigots"- Leftist weaselese code for "Christian and religious conservatives"- for fostering a "culture of hate". They seem desperate to do anything else before admitting to themselves what really happened.

Well, what of those "backward, intolerant, homophobic jerkwad conservatives" that they vilify? What do we really think about homosexuals?

I am not a conservative. But, being of one mind with the Christian cultural right, and having been raised with quite traditional views about sex and sexuality, here is what this right-wing nut job thinks about homosexuals and their lifestyle.

I do not agree with, condone, or approve of a homosexual lifestyle. I find male homosexuality in particular to be a deeply troubling aberration; while I do not deny that there are quite a few men out there who are attracted to other men, either by choice or by nature, I do not pretend to understand their desires and I certainly do not approve of the glorification of such hedonistic debauchery as a legitimate "alternative lifestyle choice".

Any sane parent who has ever had to see a gay pride parade, in which young children out for a family stroll in the city are exposed to the spectacle of a man dry-humping another man bound on all fours in bondage gear while standing on a float playing loud techno music, will likely agree with me. That is emphatically NOT a set of choices that children should be encouraged to think is "valid" and "acceptable". It plainly is not.

But that is where my disagreements with the homosexual community end.

As far as I am concerned, what happens behind closed doors between consenting adults is their business, and nobody else's. Do what you want with whom you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, and may God bless you in all your variety.

I wish gays no harm. I do not condone violence against them. I sure as hell don't want to see gay men thrown off buildings, hung from cranes, burned alive, dropped into vats of acid, or shot in public.

These are all things that happen to gay men in Islamic societies, particularly in territories held by ISIS. And yet the Left has the gall to call us the barbarians.

Here is a news flash to those idiots: the only people who will be there to defend them are the heavily armed, conservative-minded, traditionalist types who have had enough of being pushed to the margins of acceptable society. The very people that they mock and deride, the very people whose rights they want to take away, the very people who they want to see bred and immigrated out of existence, are the ONLY people who have the means, the will, and the goddamn guns to defend the tofu-eaters when, not if, the inevitable collapse of their progressive Utopian fantasies comes to pass.

That collapse is already happening. We can see it in the increasingly jarring disconnect between the government's response to an open act of 4th-Generation Warfare, and the reaction of the "great silent majority" to what happened.

President Obama bin Lyin has, of course, used this opportunity to preach in favour of "gun control" (again), like the blissfully unaware progressive twit that he is:

Mr. President, with all due respect- and at this point, none whatsoever is due- F**K you, and the horse you rode in on. You had the gall to use this tragedy as an excuse to attempt further disarmament of a law-abiding and decent populace. Your denial of reality has gone from stupidity to willful ignorance to, at this point, actual psychosis. You are categorically incapable of admitting to yourself, much less to the nation, that the cancer that is Islamic ideology had anything to do with this crime.

As Trump Muad'dib says, you need to resign. Right. Now. For the good of what little remains of the country that you have led straight into the very jaws of Hell.

And if he won't resign- which obviously he won't- he needs to be impeached for treason. Which of course he won't be; that would require a Congress that collectively has actual teeth, testicles, brains, and a spine. That is rather too much to ask for, in the current day and age.

Gun control is not the answer. It never was. A "gun" didn't kill and maim over a hundred people in the early hours of Sunday morning. An Islamist wielding a gun did that. Exactly how is the White House, in all of its utterly non-existent wisdom, supposed to separate out the "good" guns from the bad ones at this point? It cannot do so without controlling people, and it can only do so through force and coercion- the favourite tools of an oppressive and overbearing dictatorship, not a government instituted to serve the people that gave it power.

The problem is not guns. The problem is Islam. The very least that the Left and the cuckservatives could do at this point is name the enemy for what it is. But they won't. They are too terrified to be called "racists" and "bigots". And now their own hypocrisies are staring them in the face: gays are now being massacred by Muslims. Which special interest minority is a good Leftist twit to choose now, eh?

The final thing that these ever-so-enlightened "progressives" don't get is that we are, very clearly, at war now. So it is time that you and I prepared for it. Mike Cernovich's advice is solid and needs to be followed. Get yourself a weapon. Learn how to use it. Get to a martial arts school- a real one- and learn how to defend yourself.

Never leave home without a weapon at hand. I always have a knife of some kind within instant reach nowadays- whether it is the small, but extremely sharp, Leatherman blade/bottle opener (seriously) that is always attached to my gym bag; or my Leatherman multitool that is a weapon in itself without opening up a single tool, such is its heft; or my trusty and beloved Swiss Army Knife from back during my Cub Scout days.

If you live in a state that isn't completely idiotic about guns- I don't, sadly- get yourself a concealed-carry permit, and don't ever patronise an establishment that won't allow you to bring weapons inside. That gun you are carrying could save your life, and the lives of your loved ones, now that the declared policy of our political so-called "elites" is to open the borders to any Islamist with a sob story who comes along seeking refuge in America.

Brothers, sisters, we are at war. Not just at war with Islam- and that would be bad and difficult enough to fight- but with what is left of our own culture. The sooner we learn to accept these conditions and adapt to them, the easier it will be to persevere over the forces which would destroy the West and all that it stands for.


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