Islam is the problem

Oh, hey, look, Islamists just launched yet another attack. News and pictures at 7...

And it's about damned time that the "proposition nation" (((conservatives))) started waking up and realising that this is not going to stop, that this is not just some horrible nightmare that America can wake up from, and that Islam is very clearly the reason for our current mess:

One would expect that most educated and reasonably intelligent adults would be capable of recognising what people like Bill and I have recognised for years. But they cannot, for a number of reasons.

The problem starts with liberals and progressives- the ideologies to which roughly 30% of the American electorate professes. Liberals are, of course, a lost cause; being the r-selected rabbits that they are, they suffer from severe cognitive dissonance and are thus completely unable to name the mortal threat to Western civilisation posed by Islam. Never mind asking them to confront it- they are by their very nature incapable of confronting predators openly, and as a result they are terrified by what they see, to the point of being willing to turn against anyone and anything that dares call the beast at their door by its true name.

What liberals need to understand- and what I hope more of them will understand after the Orlando massacre- is that the problem does not lie with "radical Islam", not "extremist Islam", and not "fundamentalist Islam", but with Islam, full stop.

There is no such thing as "moderate Islam". Islamic scripture, philosophy, scholarship, and history have all rejected "moderate" interpretations of the canonical texts. There are moderate Muslims, to be sure. Many of us work with them, live beside them, and are friends with them. But it must be understood, once and for all, that their moderation is in fact borne out of either ignorance of their own scriptures and commandments, or out of a recognition (conscious or otherwise) that doctrines frozen in the 7th Century are not compatible with 21st Century norms and behaviours. And as such, moderate Muslims have chosen to either adapt their views, or ignore their scriptures altogether.

That is all well and good for them. But let us please stop pretending that the great and mysterious mass of "moderate Muslims" will somehow save the West from suffering the ravages of Islamic aggression. It will not, and to argue otherwise, in the face of literally centuries of evidence to the contrary, is egregiously and unforgivably stupid.

So that is liberals taken care of. We know that they will not understand the threat posed by Islam even as their enemies wrap fingers around their throats and shoot examples of their "acceptable alternative lifestyle" du jour down in cold blood in nightclubs and concert halls. We know that they will continue to treat Islam as some sort of mythical Lord Voldemort, that cannot be named because it might offend Muslims- because obviously their feeeeeeelings are more important than the piles of bodies that Islamists continue to create every day.

But what about most mainstream American conservatives? Well, there we see some signs of hope- but not many.

By this, I do not mean that cuckservatives are unwilling and unable to call Islam what it is. I mean instead that they flatly refuse to see the blatant contradictions posed by their insistence on pushing for more open borders, more globalisation, and more free movement of capital and labour, in the face of their willingness to recognise that Islam is incompatible with Western civilisation.

It is high time that conservatives of every stripe understand clearly that, if they want to stop what is clearly a dangerous enemy from harming Americans and their allies, they need to stop importing Muslims from Third World nations so that they can bring their vibrant and diverse cultures over to the West and impose their multiculturalism upon the rest of us.

The shootings in Orlando and San Bernardino served as clear warnings of far worse to come. They also served as unmistakably clear notice that America's insane and catastrophically stupid policy of high net immigration has failed.

To liberally paraphrase a certain quite famous poem inscribed on a certain even more famous statue planted on an island not very far away from where I live, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of those teeming shores, have not magically turned into good Christian civilised Americans overnight simply by landing on American soil. It would appear that it takes rather longer than just a generation or two of exposure to America, its culture, and its people, to become integrated into American society.

Whoever would have thought that to be possible?!?

Islam is, quite simply, the single greatest external threat facing the West today. Actually, it's been the single greatest threat for the last 1,400 years, but the West was able to get away with ignoring it for a few centuries because of the terrible toll paid in blood and treasure in critical battles like Lepanto and the Siege of Vienna, when Islam's last great expansion was first defeated and then finally stopped cold. As a result, the Western world has for the last 400 years been able to enjoy a fairly long breather in the Long War. But that breather is over now, and the Long War grinds on.

That war will not stop until the true name and nature of the enemy is recognised, clearly and without reservations.

Fighting back starts with ending all immigration from Muslim nations. It continues with blunting the power of political Islam in both the domestic and foreign arenas. And it ends in only one way: victory, or total defeat and the destruction of what remains of Christendom.

And there is no longer any point in attempting to declare neutrality in this war. Islam recognises no such thing as neutrality; it recognises only converts, subjects, or enemies. I am not Muslim; nor am I Christian. But I know damn well that I infinitely prefer living in a Christian society to living in a Muslim one- and unlike most liberals and most conservatives in this country, I have actually lived in a society dominated by Islam, so I have a far better idea of what it is like than either group.

"Open war is upon us, whether you would risk it or not". Fighting back begins with recognising who and what the enemy is, and refusing to negotiate or compromise with it under any circumstances.


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