Bullshido deserves a face-punch

There is precisely one legitimate reaction to the claims of a so-called "energy field master" that he can block any incoming attack by generating a "chi shield":
This is the moment a no touch 'energy shield master' receives a heavy dose of reality after he invites a professional martial artist to punch him in the face. 
Stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko or 'Alex Lee', a seven-time martial arts champion of Ukraine, proves to be more than a match for the resistance specialist in a video which has re-emerged on social media. 
The 36-year-old, who lives in New York, is asked to hit the master who says he can neutralize the threat with just the impulse of his hand movements. 
Wearing a black shirt Alexandr strikes out, but his first punch is defended and he is slapped in the face. 
The no touch master struggles to hide his smile after his successful move. 
But although the unidentified man with blonde hair manages to fend of the first attack, he is then caught up in a bruising flurry of punches which knocks him to the ground. 
Onlooking students are sent the unintended message that a no touch martial arts system may not be as effective a technique as the master likes to think.
The absolute best thing that the sport of MMA has done for the rest of the world is to expose fake "martial arts" styles for the frauds that they are. As Joe Rogan likes to say, "the shit that works on trained killers, is the best shit".

The reality is that "energy shields" and "chi blocks" and screaming "KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!" into the air, Dragonball Z-style, won't get you very far against someone who is trained to fight. You'll end up with your teeth rattling around in your lower intestine, and very likely with at least one limb folded in a direction in which it was never designed to go.

The best defence against a dangerous opponent is always a weapon and the knowledge to use it correctly. A weapon is, after all, nothing more than a tool. But if you do not have a gun, or a knife- or, hell, even just a sharp heavy pointy rock- at hand, then at the very least you need to know how to throw, and take, and evade, a punch.

For those of you looking to study a martial art- which by the way is something that I recommend strongly for any man of any age- you need to ask yourself what it is that you intend to get out of it.

If you want to get really fit and strong, then take muay thai. The art of breaking a man's will and body with eight limbs is an exceptionally good way to achieve this end. But does it necessarily prepare you for actual combat? Actually, yes, up to a point; you will learn how to deliver devastating strikes quickly and effectively, and you will build up a tremendous tolerance for pain and suffering in the process.

If you want to learn a gentler art with practical applications, then Brazilian (or Japanese) jiu jitsu is a very good choice. You do need to be careful which schools you pick, though. There are plenty of schools out there that concentrate only on gi-based approaches to training, and there are schools which focus almost exclusively on competitive or "sport" jiu jitsu. There is nothing wrong with learning this art for the purposes of competition, but just be aware that the limitations imposed by that style of fighting will cause you to fall into patterns that can actually be dangerous for you when things get real.

Then of course, there is Krav Maga, or "Jew jitsu", as it is rather humourously known. It is what I do. I love it. But, again, you have to choose your school carefully. There are, unfortunately, plenty of fly-by-night Krav Maga schools operating out there which really only focus on incorporating kicks and punches into a cardio class. They may make your wife or girlfriend feel like she could take on some dude twice her size and still win, but in reality that is nonsense.

And any martial arts school that tells you, "we never spar", or "we don't spar until you get to green belt", or some such nonsense, is NOT worth your time. My school gets people sparring as soon as they hit yellow belt, once they have (presumably) learned the basics of punching and kicking. Many muay thai schools start people sparring after just a few weeks- which makes perfect sense since that is a sport art dedicated to actual combat.

Martial arts ultimately must be subjected to the same tests as everything else. One must ask, "does this work?" If it fails that test, then that art deserves to be mocked and humiliated without mercy.


  1. Fists are for getting a knife.
    a knife is for getting a gun.

  2. When I first read that I saw it as "Bullshito". After reading on I realised I had it right the first time...

    1. Pretty much. Fake martial arts are, as Master Ken would say, pure bullshit.


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