Why WOULDN'T you want a chainsaw solo?!

JACKYL are deep-fried Southern rock at its hillbilly best. I discovered them after stumbling across their album, Best in Show. It is one of the very few albums that I've ever bought just because I really liked the cover art. Turns out that it kicked all kinds of ass- sometimes you really CAN judge a book (or album, in this case, I suppose) by its cover.

Speaking of cover:

I would really love to hear what would happen if, say, AMON AMARTH were ever to incorporate a goddamn chainsaw solo into one of its slower, more epic "groove" tracks.

And don't tell me that a chainsaw is overkill. I am firmly of the opinion that overkill is underrated.

The fun thing about JACKYL is that they have a song available for pretty much every occasion. If, for instance, you want to play a song that will seriously embarrass your neighbours, well, here it is:

And then there's the song that you play for your favourite stripper girl:

And of course, there is the song that you young bucks out there will want to play for prom night in the limo- y'know, to get your date "in the mood", as it were:

My sister often calls me a redneck; given my taste in music, cars, guns, and alcohol, she may well have a point. Hell, I'd happily move down to Texas if I could...


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