The Trumpening and its doubters

mp3 raised an interesting point with respect to the ascension of Trump-Muad'dib:
Perhaps I have become very jaded and cynical. I am skeptical about everything. The 90's were the best period in the US before NAFTA kicked in. Everybody had jobs and people were happy. This is worst I have every seen in my lifetime. With an entrenched bureaucracy, will things ever change as heads of state are mere placeholders for them?
These are valid concerns. What, after all, could a potential President Trump possibly do during his time as the most powerful man in the world?

Think about the obstacles that Mr. Trump has in his way. The Republican Party elite absolutely hate him. The movers and shakers of the party within the House and the Senate have no idea what to make of him. The Democrats have largely reacted to him like a vampire trying to digest a bucket of garlic paste.

We already know that the mainstream media will do whatever it takes to destroy Mr. Trump. He stands in the way of their Anointed One, the Hilldebeast. It is, in fact, remarkable that Vampira there is still the Democrat "front-runner" when she can barely defeat a dyspeptic old fogey of a socialist, despite having all of that money, all of those connections, and the entire Clinton political machine behind her. She is a truly appalling candidate; were it not for the MSM constantly covering for her wanton and manifest failures as a person and a politician, she would have been discarded long ago.

We know that the media's biased and sensationalist coverage of Mr. Trump's mostly sensible positions on a number of issues will assuredly give the Left a minimum of a 15-point advantage in the polls. We know this because that is what at least one member of the MSM candidly admitted during the 2004 Presidential circus cycle:

In reality, the swing is almost certainly more like 25-30 points in the polls. This, of course, raises a rather interesting question which I'll come back to in a bit.

Returning to the subject of Mr. Trump's divisive image: because of his (highly effective) rhetoric, Mr. Trump is, supposedly, hugely unpopular among blacks and Asians and Muslims and Latinos. The latter are, of course, the fastest-growing ethnic minority in the country; they as a group are growing so fast, in fact, that it is estimated by 2050 (if not much earlier), whites will be a minority in a country built by white people.

(I note parenthetically that, for all of Mr. Trump's supposed unpopularity with Asians, there are quite a few of us who actually think he's right. I'm Asian, and I think mp3 is as well. I have no problem at all with most of what Mr. Trump says.)

This in turn translates to a very difficult election for Mr. Trump to win. He's up against the Clinton Machine, with all of its vast power, funding, and connections. He's a nationalist campaigning to restore glory to a nation that is, for all intents and purposes, basically dead at this point. He's fighting against the accumulated weight of 8 years of the devastation wrought by the Obama administration.

Looking at things that way, it is very easy to despair.

I arrived in this country nearly ten years ago- back when Dubya was still President. Like mp3, I don't ever remember things being this bad, not even during the dark depths of the Crash of 2008. Since Odoofuss became the country's first ever affirmative action President, I have watched as the "Overton window"- the range of opinions and ideas that are considered "acceptable" within polite society- has shifted radically to the left. And Obama is squarely to blame for that; he has used his not exactly inconsiderable power to push the country hard to the left.

Sadly, he has succeeded. Yet his very success gives us a hint as to what Mr. Trump will be able to do as President, should he win. And in my opinion, at least, if you put Mr. Trump against Mrs. Clinton in a general election match-up, HE WINS. By miles.

This is not because Mr. Trump is a great candidate for President. As I have said before, he is not. He isn't even a good candidate for President. In some ways, in fact, he's an absolutely appalling one. Mr. Trump is not, by any stretch of anyone's imagination, another Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan spent over 40 years sharpening his ideas and his convictions on the whetstone of experience. His public speaking skills were honed and tested through years of touring and making stump speeches long before he ever even dreamed of trying for political office. His core message came from his heart; he truly believed what he said, and because he was a good man called upon to serve in an extraordinary time, he became a great man- the greatest President of the 20th Century, an effin' legend who was and remains the yardstick by which every one of his successors is measured.

Mr. Trump is not that man.

What makes Mr. Trump unique, however, is his ability to undo, in just a few short months, much of the leftward drift that was introduced into the public discourse during Obama's regime. He has managed to do that by being bold, brash, relentless, unapologetic, charming, devious, and loudly, unfashionably opinionated at precisely the right times.

It is impossible to tell whether he truly believes what he says, especially in light of his past statements that flatly contradict what he professes to think these days. During the Clinton Administration, he was calling himself a good friend of the Clintons and considered himself to be very liberal indeed; nowadays he has suddenly become a rock-ribbed conservative, by some miraculous transformation.

It is easy to be sceptical of such a man- I, personally, would encourage such sentiments, as I do not believe that one should ever blindly trust any politician. Yet it is also impossible to deny that Mr. Trump has had an effect on the politics of this country that is nothing short of astonishing. He has a knack for taking the frustrations and anger of the vast heartland of the country and giving voice to those sentiments. No one else within the political establishment has that skill- and no one else has been able to translate that inchoate but very potent rage into a weapon to be used against that same establishment.

And, as Vox Day has pointed out, he is himself a traitor to his own class. Mr. Trump's story is not your typical American-as-apple-pie story about hard work elevating a good man from rags to riches. He was born into wealth; he has been a member of the country's socio-political elite since childhood. He could easily have stayed there, never bothering to take any notice of the plight of his countrymen.

Yet he has turned his back on his own class, invited their anger and their hatred, and put himself at enormous personal, financial, and political risk.


I can see no other explanation than that he genuinely loves his country and his people. And I am certainly not the only one to see this.

And that is what will win him the election. That is what will give him the power to stand up to his own party, to Congress, to the global elite that would see him destroyed for his heresy.

Consider that theoretical 15-to-30-point advantage that Hillary Clinton is going to enjoy thanks to the fawning coverage and interference that the MSM will run for her. Even with that massive advantage, she STILL can't decisively beat Mr. Trump in the field of public opinion. Even with that much of an advantage, this country is still split 50-50.

If that advantage were to disappear, thanks to, oh, say, a criminal indictment of Mrs. Clinton's dealings with foreign governments and governmental entities, or Mrs. Clinton's extremely grating and nasty personality, then Mr. Trump doesn't just go on to win the election. He goes on to DESTROY his opponent.

And that is precisely what I predict. The more the public sees of Hillary Clinton, the less they like her. And with very, very good reason.

Now let's be honest at this point. Will Mr. Trump be able to accomplish much as President? Probably not. But it must always be remembered that politics is downstream of culture. And no one has done more to change the culture in these past few months than Mr. Trump. With public opinion on his side- as is increasingly becoming the case- Mr. Trump will likely be able to accomplish far more than his critics will ever be willing to concede.

"May it be your fortune to live in interesting times", indeed.


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