The MAGA anthem

Courtesy of some bloke called @BakedAlaska:

Well, he's sure as hell baked on something. And the excessive use of autotune is, to a purist like me, highly irritating; as far as I'm concerned, if I want to listen to some one using autotune to disguise her lack of true singing ability, I'll listen to Britney Spears. Or- God help us all- Rebecca Black.

But that doesn't change its excellence as a rhetorical flourish. Build the damn wall, indeed. There's even a great dig at former Breitbart Editor-at-Large, Ben Shapiro.

Still, I would much rather see someone make a metalised version of something that has a bit more balls and a bit less... mullet. I'm thinking something along the lines of IRON MAIDEN's "The Clansman", Trump Edition:

If the Trumpinator played that at one of his mega-rallies, the SJW crowd outside would simply wet themselves out of sheer terror.


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