Stick with the classics

There are certain pairs that just go perfectly together somehow- tea and biscuits (for those of us from civilised parts of the world, where the Godly and lawful sovereignty of Her Majesty the Queen is still acknowledged, of course); ice cream and waffles (if you're Dutch); coffee and whiskey (if you're Irish), etc.

But, usually, if you add a third ingredient to that mix, you'll end up making a bit of a dog's breakfast out of it. (If that ingredient happens to be eggplant, of course, you'll ruin anything you use it for. I am NOT a fan of eggplant.)

Fortunately, there is one combination of three great things that, when put together, beats pretty much everything else hands down:

  • A medium-rare grass-fed ribeye steak;
  • Two rashers of bacon;
  • And a really good beer
Of all of the many, many virtues of eating more-or-less Paleo, the greatest has got to be the fact that you can eat like a complete animal (literally) and still feel better, stronger, and happier than anyone trying to force himself to enjoy eating an organic kale and granola salad served with tofu- or whatever the hell it is that vegans insist on eating...

As for the bacon- look, don't get me wrong, I have a real soft spot for Jews and all, but the one thing that I simply cannot understand about the Mosaic Law is its prohibition on eating pork. If the Lord did not intend for us to eat pigs, He would assuredly not have made them out of bacon. And sausages. And ham. And lard.

An animal that delicious is simply made to be eaten.


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      "Slice" to you anti-monarchist rebels.


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