It's not a question of "if"...

Gentlemen, suppose for a moment that we were all transported to a parallel dimension, where normal and sensible things did not happen very often. Suppose that, in such a universe, a certain (overhyped) MMA fighter named Ronda Rousey were taken seriously in her claims that she would be ready to take on any opponent, whether male or female. And suppose that, because she is taken seriously in such a world, she actually did get a fight, whether an exhibition match or otherwise, with a male fighter of approximately the same size and weight.

What do you suppose the outcome would be?

Since we are talking about a parallel dimension where normal things don't happen often, it's just maybe possible that she would win. But back in the REAL world, the one that you and I actually live in, the question would not be "if" Ms. Rousey would lose; the question would be, "how badly?".

To help us answer that, let us take a look at a past example of what happened when the greatest female fighter in her sport, of any age, was pitted against an up-and-coming male fighter of her same weight class in an exhibition fight:

Let me be very clear about one thing: I have nothing but respect and admiration for Lucia Rijker. She was, and remains, a legend in both boxing and kickboxing. Her professional record is incredible- 17-0-0 in boxing, 37-0-1 in kickboxing. And she still hasn't retired as a boxer- though apparently the only fight that she will ever consider as a boxer is against Laila Ali, who is retired.

Compare her record to Holly Holm, the only other female professional fighter that I think comes anywhere close to that level of dominance and skill. Ms. Holm, brilliant and talented and hard-working fighter that she is, has a boxing record of 38-2-3, a kickboxing record of 3-1-0, and an MMA record of 10-1-0. (I'm still pissed about her loss to Miesha Tate. I really wanted her to defend that title. Oh well. Them's the breaks, I guess.)

Basically, pretty much no other female fighter comes anywhere close to Ms. Rijker's level of skill and technical proficiency. She was, and is, a BADASS.

And in spite of that, in spite of all of her abilities and power and speed, she STILL got KTFO by a man.

A similar outcome is to be expected whenever a woman attempts to compete physically with a man. The plain fact is that, simply by virtue of our musculature and upper body strength, the average man will always be stronger than the average woman. That's just basic physiology, and no amount of feminist stupidity can change it.

And that's just the average man. As the video above points out, even though Ms. Rijker and her opponent were roughly the same size, Somchai Jaidee had approximately 20% more lean muscle mass- and therefore was faster, stronger, and more easily able to withstand the extremely physical nature of the match.

You can see what happens in the video itself. Ms. Rijker, despite her clearly impressive technical skills as a stand-up striker, simply cannot handle the much faster and more powerful blows of her male opponent. And the result is just as inevitable: one solid punch lands squarely and it's lights out.

Let no one be deceived by the hype surrounding female fighters. They are fast, strong, fit, and talented, to be sure- no one who has ever seen Holly Holm fight, for instance, would ever be stupid enough to think that she isn't an exceptionally strong and dangerous woman. The same can be said to an even greater degree of Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino- although in her case, she walks around at roughly 170lbs and sounds like a dude, thanks to all those steroids.

But against a similarly sized, trained and skilled male opponent, they wouldn't just be hurt. They would be DESTROYED.

One of the best things that could possibly have resulted from Ms. Rousey's epic, tooth-shattering loss to Holly Holm was the utter destruction of the hype machine that surrounded her. It will be some time yet before anyone is stupid enough to argue that the top female UFC fighters could take on their male counterparts and win. And that is very much to the good.

It is high time that common sense, and common decency, prevailed over the hype and the hypocrisy of modern combat sports. I, for one, am most grateful for the fact that our civilisation has not yet devolved to the point where women aren't just being encouraged to fight men in cage matches, but are actually doing it. This hasn't happened yet; pray God that it never does.


  1. I heard a good way of describing the physical differences between men and women recently. A girl throws like a boy throwing with his opposite hand.


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