Hail to the Queen

Now THAT is how you make a grand entrance:

America- PHUCK YEAH!!!

Try watching that before you're setting up for your next bench press set, like I was today. I had to take a moment to gather myself, I was laughing so hard.

Look, I know that Milo is a flaming sodomite. I do not approve of his homosexuality, not even slightly. But I also know that he is a tremendous asset in our ongoing war to save what is left of Western civilisation. As far as I am concerned, that makes him not merely an ally, but a friend. And friends are precious; they are worth defending.

What was done to him at DePaul University was absolutely unforgivable. The crybullies of the #BlackLivesMatter movement stormed the stage and proceeded to make complete asses out of themselves. Security that Breitbart News hired for the event failed to do their damn JOB and refused to step in and stop the madness. I'm just glad for Milo's sake- and, of course, for the sake of his impressively elaborate hairdo- that it didn't get too much more physical.

Although, let's face facts- Milo might very well be the Queen of England, but he could still beat the crap out of any of those idiots if they tried to take a swing at him:

"I've got a 9-3 elbow with your name carved on the end of it right here, honey"
Milo is doing all of us alt-Right types a tremendous service by getting out there, spreading the word, and- in his own inimitable way- refusing to back down before the petty little thought-tyrants of the fascist Left. For that, he deserves our thanks, and our support.

Between him, the Trumpinator, Roosh, and Mike Cernovich, we haven't had this effective a hit squd of badass, take-no-prisoners truth-tellers since... well, at least the time of Ronald Reagan. Coming from me, praise doesn't get much higher than that.


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