Don't cut your damn hair: current Victoria's Secret Angel edition

Victoria's Secret models are, supposedly, among the most beautiful and desirable women in the world. One might be tempted to argue with those definitions with respect to specific cases from time to time, but then one sees things like, well, this:

However, as I have been saying for at least the past three years, the fastest way for a woman- even a Victoria's Secret model- to destroy her looks is to cut her long hair short.

There could be no more conclusive demonstration of this than looking at before-and-after pictures of a current VS Angel- namely, one Taylor Hill.

This is what she looks like with long hair:

Gentlemen, be honest: WYB?

Actually, that's not even a very good picture. Try this one instead:
DEFINITE yes. America- PHUCK YEAH!!!
Aaaaaaand now look at her with short hair:

If your first thought was, "Who the hell replaced that gorgeous model with the awesome tits with a washed-out heroin addict", well, be assured that this is exactly what I thought too.

Now apparently there is some question as to whether she really cut her hair; as the Daily Mail (irrelevantly) points out, back when Karlie Kloss cut her hair two days before some big fashion show, the powers-that-be tarted her up with some ridiculously expensive hair extensions and then booted her onto the catwalk.

I, too, fail to see the problem with that decision.

The question of whether Ms. Hill actually cut her hair or not is, of course, irrelevant to the topic at hand. All that matters is what she looked like before she "cut her hair", and what she looked like after.

It comes as no surprise that she looked way better before than after.

As I and virtually every other alt-Right writer will tell any woman with sense enough to listen, a woman's value resides primarily in her youth, and her beauty.

If you're a woman and you don't like it, too bad. You don't have to like reality- you just have to accept that it can, and absolutely will, kick you upside the arse if you disrespect it.

And one of the fastest ways for a woman to destroy her beauty is to destroy her hair.

A woman's hair is one of the most obvious and visual aspects of her beauty. Take a look at Holly Holm, for instance. She is a genuine badass, one of the very few women ANYWHERE that I genuinely think has even the smallest chance of taking on a man in her profession and winning.

Ms. Holm is not exactly what you would call a stunner, even with great lighting and makeup. But her hair is amazing.

That hair of hers adds, in my opinion, a full two points to her looks.

And that is the reality that any pretty woman- never mind models, just any pretty woman- who wants to cut her hair, needs to understand. If you insist on looking like a boy with boobs- aw, gross, excuse me while I puke my guts out here for a moment- then, by all means, cut your hair; we guys will simply ignore you while we chat up your hot friend who wasn't a colossal dumbass and didn't take a pair of garden shears to her hair.


  1. Wife and one daughter used to model. To a large extent a model's just a canvas for the makeup artist, the hairdresser, and the fashionista. Many of them aren't even very pretty in themselves but are excellent as canvas. Getting rid of hair may make some of them better as canvas and, since many of them have no real life outside of modelling....

    My favorite VS model was Ana Beatriz Barros, not least because she looked quite a bit like an old girlfriend.

  2. Addendum: We had this discussion over on weaponsman some time back. Thing about hair is that it tells you a lot about the female in question. For some cultures, hairstyle and presentation - covered or un- - will tell you if she's married or in the market. Over and above that, it tells you a great deal about her health, age, social status, and work ethic.

    1. I don't disagree, sir. But to use that canvas analogy of yours, a single large streak of red paint across, say, Monet's "Vanilla Skies", would ruin an otherwise superb work of art. That's what a beautiful healthy young woman who cuts her long lustrous hair is doing to herself.

    2. Oh, I agree and, worse, what she's doing to us by depriving us, the bitch.

      Although...the wife's a very stout lass, tough and brave, with the wonderfully Latin streak of vindictiveness. When we married, her hair was a bit below her shoulder blades. By oh, 1983, say, it was about midway down her posterior.

      One day, she called me at the rifle company I was XO of during a command and staff meeting. I bitched her out over the phone. By the time I got home she'd cut it to shoulder length, which taught me a sharp fucking lesson.

    3. Ouch. Pointy end of the stick right there, sir.

      Gotta feel for whoever is dating that young lady, Ms. Hill. Imagine what he came home to after she got into that fight with a lawnmower and lost. The words "meth addict" are probably among the kinder ones to be used for such a situation.

  3. I've seen some pixie cuts done well and that journo who picked a fight with Donald Trump has some style. I think it's just down to time and place.

    1. You're talking about Megyn Kelly? I actually addressed that one earlier. If you look at pictures of her before her severe attack of TDS, you'll see that she was much, MUCH hotter with long wavy blonde locks than she is now with that weird-ass pixie-bob thing.

    2. Yes, Megyn Kelly. She is still well above average for her age.


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