Bring them home

Every time I see yet another report showing yet another example of how President Obummer has managed to, yet again, screw up somewhere in the world and, yet once more, has to send in American soldiers to clean up his mess, I am reminded of this video:

Try watching that video without getting... emotional. Good luck with that. I've seen it many times over the last five years, and... well, let's just say that I don't think I've ever passed that challenge.

Enough already. Enough American blood spilled in vain dreams of imperial hegemony in the Middle East, and everywhere else. Bring these men (and, unfortunately, women) deployed on combat tours around the world home. Put them to work guarding America's borders against those who would usurp them.

If nothing else, bring them home so that the wives and mothers of these good and decent men can see their husbands and sons returned safely to them, and so that their sons and daughters may know what it means to have a father in their lives.


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