Vegans for Earth Day

And by vegans, I mean turning vegans into BURGERS, of course.

It's Earth Day, which for evil conservative bastards like me is an excuse to fire shotguns, burn petrol, drink beer, hunt deer, and crank the Viking death metal up WAAAAAAAAAAAY too loud. (That sort of day is also what every other day of the week looks like for us.)

In other words, it's a great day to live like a free man, and enrage every last unwashed hippie douchebag environmentalist who ever bought a f***ing Prius.

(For the record- I think hybrids are pointless wastes of time and money. A few years ago I was in Cleveland looking to rent a car, and when they asked me what kind, I said, "anything but a hybrid". They cracked up. Folks tend to be more sensible about such things out in the midwest.)

And to celebrate Earth Day properly, let us turn things over to our good friends from Top Gear to show us how the gifts of Mother Earth should be used:


  1. Correction: Ex-Top Gear presenters. I have a feeling that their new show will be more epic than before since they are not restrained by the BBC shit heads.

    P.S Fuck environmentalists and vegans

    1. I know. I was seriously bummed when the Bullshit Broadcasting Company fired Jezza. It was the end of the greatest TV show the world has ever seen.

      I have high hopes for "Drive", though. It's basically the same crew of madcap geniuses, but unrestrained by the unwashed hippie Guardianistas that run the BBC.

    2. The revised version of the BBC Top Gear looks to have some potential because of some of the presenters but it's going to be shit because they will be trying to emulate the previous trio.

      Chris Harris is an epic car journalist with a great youtube channel. Chris Evans is a hardcore petrol head with enough cash and connections to get the most awesome and rarest cars on the show and the guy who used to play in 'Friends' show is a comedy actor with many years of experience. The other two presenters don't look much to me, though it would be cool to include Tiff Needel from Fifth Gear.

      But the BBC is not going to let them do their own thing in order to have an amazing show.It's like having one of those hyper cars like the Mclaren P1 and letting an inexperienced idiot to drive it.The cast looks promising but the director and producers are going to ruin the show.

    3. It would not surprise me in the least if the Beeb completely destroyed the Top Gear brand by meddling with the formula to make it more "friendly" and "multicultural" and "acceptable". I predicted as much back in January.


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