Paging Prof. Darwin...

"Prof. Darwin? It's the office here. You might not want to make plans for this weekend. It would appear that a prime candidate for your award made his appearance in a Pakistani courtroom the other day...":
Three people were injured in an explosion in a Pakistan court after the judge asked a police officer to explain how a grenade works. [Let's all have a contest to see who can come up with the most epic facepalm possible.]
Instead of simply telling the court how the weapon functions, the constable produced a live grenade and pulled out the pin, resulting in a “loud explosion”. [YOU DON'T SAY?!?!?]
Pakistan Daily reports the constable and court clerk were among the injured in the blast, which took place in courtroom-III of Karachi’s Anti-Terrorism Court. The men were taken to a nearby hospital for first aid, but are expected to recover. 
The explosion prompted police and paramilitary forces to surround the court, fearing a terrorist attack, and the country’s security forces were put on high alert. 
The officer, from the Sindh Police Department’s Kalakot station, had been holding a grenade from a weapons stash allegedly belonging to the defendant. Usually such devices are deactivated before being taken into court, but an administrative error resulted in live weapons being used as evidence.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, we missed out on what could have been one of THE best Darwin Award candidates that anyone has ever seen.

Well, in this case, he would have been "seen" for all of about 10 seconds before that grenade blew him up and sent him off to collect his 72 raisins virgins, but you get the idea.

While we're on the subject of these wonderful awards, let's take a look at some other brilliantly stupid ways in which people have removed themselves from the gene pool- or come really damn close. Let us honour the legacy of the great man himself, Charles Darwin, and look at the ways in which the Devolution of the species has resulted in some truly classic comic moments.

1. How Do You Do Fractions Again?

Back in 2000 a teenager in Texas tried to play an even more dangerous version of Russian Roulette. Instead of putting one bullet in a revolver and pulling the trigger, giving him a one-in-six chance of dying, he put the bullet in a semi-automatic pistol (where the bullets are instantly moved into the gun’s chamber), rising those odds to exactly 100 per cent.

2. There's a Right Way to Do This...

... and then there's this way:

3. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

You're doin' it WRONG...

4. Y'all Hold My Beer and Watch This...

18-year-old Chance Werner had recently graduated from high school and early on Sunday morning he was at Lake Allatoona celebrating with friends by playing the Shopping Cart Game. Lake Allatoona is a large reservoir created by damming the Etowah River in 1949. The shoreline is lined with vacation rentals and campgrounds, as well as two yacht clubs and a sailing club.

The Shopping Cart Game is evidently popular. News reports state that the cart is usually anchored to a pole or tree at the dock. The cart is poised on the dock, someone climbs in, and friends launch the shopping cart off the dock and into the water. Ha! The soggy rider climbs out of the water, the cart is reeled back in, and the game begins again. 

In the wee hours of between Saturday night and Sunday morning--the timing hints at an evening spent partying at the lake--Chance inexplicably decided to be the tree and tie the cart to his belt. Chance took a chance that did not stand a chance! He was dragged into the water and drowned. Several hours later his body was recovered from nine meters of water, still tied to the shopping cart. 

5. Buy One, Get Two Free!!!

It's comforting to think that just when you thought that the gene pool needed a lifeguard, many of us end up removing ourselves from it anyway, with only minimal help.


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