If Beethoven had been a metalhead...

Which he absolutely would have been:

EXMORTUS were the opening act for the truly almighty AMON AMARTH last Friday night. Now normally, I could not care less who opens for bands like IRON MAIDEN, AMON AMARTH, or HELLOWEEN; I applaud them politely while mentally telling them to get the hell OFF the stage so that the real fun can begin. But these guys are something else entirely- young, hungry, fast, aggressive, and extremely talented.

And they were very happy to be there. The crowd picked up on it and gave them an appropriately raucous welcome. They weren't just good for an opening act- they were good, full stop.

This is the sort of thing that Yngwie Malmsteen wishes he could do these days:

The vocals, I admit, take some getting used to- but then, if you enjoy epic Viking death metal (which, of course, I do), then this is nothing new or problematic.


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