"Guns don't protect people", my arse

It would appear that the more the gun-grabbers want us to believe the comforting lie that guns in private hands cannot protect people, the less reason we have to believe them:
On February 18, female convenience store clerk Seul Lim exchanged gunfire with a would-be robber, who allegedly entered the store with his gun drawn. 
The attempted robbery occurred at the Pacific Quickmart during afternoon hours in Spanaway, Washington. 
According to KIRO 7, Lim was struck in the abdomen by one of the suspect’s bullets, which he fired back at her “as he ran away.” The bullet went all the way through her body, but she survived because it did not hit any vital organs. 
The suspect in the attempted robbery — 23-year-old Tyrone Anthony Prophet Jr. — was arrested by Pierce County Sheriff Deputies shortly after Lim thwarted the attempted robbery with her gun.
Notice anything about that story? Like, say, how an Asian woman- therefore probably a petite character- managed to use a gun to make herself the equal of her male black assailant, who was virtually without any doubt much larger and stronger than her?

And that isn't even a particularly recent example. Here is another one which simply shows to me that the Lord protects His own:
On April 4 Tampa, Florida’s WFLA published video of a church maintenance worker holding a suspected church burglar at gunpoint until police arrived.

According to WFLA, maintenance worker Ed Clayton said he “decided to bring his concealed weapon because the doors to the church had been breached earlier in the evening.” When he arrived at the church to fix the doors, the man who was allegedly trying to get into the building took off running. Clayton cornered him and held him at gunpoint until police arrived on scene.
And here is another example.

The common thread in all of these examples is clear. Time and again, firearms level the playing field between aggressors and victims. A gun, combined with the knowledge and sense of responsibility that allows a gun owner to use that tool properly, is the great equaliser.

A powerful but compact handgun is what makes a little Asian girl who might weigh 45Kg dripping wet capable of defending herself against someone my size- and nearly twice hers.

A properly loaded, cleaned, and maintained shotgun makes a soft and squidgy suburban husband investigating that noise in his yard late at night equal to the challenge posed by any idiot stupid enough to attempt to burgle him.

A carefully oiled and cleaned rifle in the hands of a responsible owner makes that man fully capable of living in peace and ease with his neighbours and with nature, almost regardless of his physical condition.

So why is it, then, that gun-grabbers are so keen on denying these facts about guns? Aren't they all about "equality" and "leveling playing fields" and "dismantling privilege"? What, after all, dismantles the privilege of a would-be mugger or armed robber faster than having the business end of a high-calibre pistol aimed squarely at his forehead in the hands of a man or woman who knows exactly how to use such a thing?

The reality is that guns are tools, nothing more. And as with all tools, guns must be handled carefully and responsibly.

So what happens when we teach our neighbours, friends, and children about the proper handling and care of these potentially lethal tools? Well, perhaps not very surprisingly, such folk learn very quickly that guns need to be respected:
What happens when eight children are let into a room where a real gun is partially hidden — lodged next to a couch’s seat cushion? 
Iowa TV news station KWWL-TV, in conjunction with Waterloo police, videotaped the experiment — and with the mothers of the preschool- and kindergarten-age kids watching from another room at the news station. 
After the kids were let into the room, it took just 15 seconds for one of them to find the gun. 
Before long the gun — which was not loaded — was being passed around and pointed at other children. 
The moms were visibly shaken. 
Lieutenant Aaron McClelland said it was typical behavior “for young kids. Curiosity. Everything is a toy in their world. Unless we educate them and let them know sometimes it’s not.” 
At the very end of the dramatic video 7-minute — after the image of kids holding the gun and the mom’s emotional reactions — the reporter shared a compelling caveat regarding the two children in the room who didn’t pick up the gun. 
“Those two children are the ones who have guns in their homes and their parents have talked extensively about guns so therefore their curiosity is gone,” she said.
The fact is that gun-grabbers don't hate guns. They actually like guns- in the hands of other people, the police and the military. Seemingly paradoxically, such people also fear guns- but they want the protection afforded by guns, as long as they themselves are not required to take on the responsibility of learning how to handle such tools properly.

This paradox is difficult to understand for those of us who do not share their pathological fear of weapons, but it is easy indeed to see and describe. You've seen it in every progressive friend you've ever met, every uninformed twit at a college campus rally against guns, and almost every time President Odoofuss makes yet another high-strung and ultimately futile emotional appeal to control gun violence.

Such people don't hate guns. They simply hate the idea of you and me owning guns- because that would mean that you and I are capable of thinking for ourselves, taking responsibility for our own actions, and living by our own efforts.

They fear this idea that free people can take care of themselves. They fear it because this is a concept that they cannot understand- and you always fear what you don't understand. That is why your average libprog friend is scared of guns- because he (more likely she) has never handled one, has never been taught by a dedicated NRA-certified instructor how to take care of one, and has never fired one at a target.

The simplest way to cure such stupidity and misunderstanding is, of course, to help your friends confront what they fear.

Take your friends out to a gun range. Make them take a gun safety course beforehand, obviously- and ensure that, if your gun happens to get jammed, you have your buddy look down the barrel to see what went wrong.

After all, do you really want to miss an opportunity to tell your grandkids that you were there when yet another clueless liberal managed to secure a Darwin Award for herself, standing right next to you?


  1. lmao. nope.

    I never miss a chance. I even took some socialists from waaay down south (Brazil)shooting for the first time in their lives. They wandered in off the A.T.

    Convinced them they were naturals and needed their own. Not sure how that will work out for them.

    Good stuff, thanks.


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