I've noticed recently that a couple of reader comments got caught up in the spam filter and needed to be fished out. It is therefore worth clarifying a couple of points with regard to reader comments.

Now, my longstanding policy toward comments is very simple: post under some sort of name, even if you want to call yourself The Apocalyptic Dingleberry (which by the way one wag actually did right after I made the suggestion). That policy remains and will do so for as long as this pokey little blog of mine is up.

All comments are moderated by me, personally. The benefit of this is that it keeps the trolls, spammers, and SJWs at bay- and in the latter case, I've often found that simply ripping apart their nonsense in public is a very good way to get them to sod off.

The drawback of this is that it means a sometimes considerable gap between someone writing a comment and my actual publication of the same. There are undoubtedly those who are annoyed by such delays, and they have an an entirely valid and legitimate complaint.

Those who take the time to read what I write, and then comment upon the same, deserve the respect accorded to their efforts. Personally, I hold to the principle that those who come here are worthy of the same respect that I believe is to be granted to all free-thinking people who seek out the views of their fellows.

So, if you have written up a comment and you find that it has not been published after 24 hours, please email me directly and let me know right away. If there has been an oversight or mistake on my part, you have my word that I will correct it to whatever extent that I can do so.

I do not always respond to user comments; not all commentary requires a response, after all. But if you feel that your comment has not been published, and I have not given you a good reason as to why, then you are certainly well within your rights to ask what happened.

In almost all cases, it will simply be because the spam filter caught it and I didn't. If this happens, I will rectify that oversight promptly.

One exception must be made clear. If you happen to be banned- like this clown, or this one, do not bother asking what happened to your comments. As I have also stated in my Rules, I will serve such folk with one warning before deleting all further comments from the same. That rule stands today as it did previously and I will not deviate from it.

So if you happen to comment under either of those handles, don't bother asking me where your comments went- you should know by now.


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