Stay badass, my friend

You will never be even a tenth as blindingly cool as this
I am very sad to say that we have come to the end of an era:

That's right... As of that last commercial, Jonathan Goldsmith, "the most interesting man in the world", is now no longer the face of Dos Equis.

Mr. Goldsmith, I salute you, sir. Until you came along, the standards that we men had for being badass and unspeakably awesome in our 60s and 70s were the likes of Clint Eastwood and Ronald Reagan. And now your name can be added to that most exalted and noble list.

I cannot claim to actually enjoy Dos Equis beer- mostly because there are very few beers that I claim to enjoy, full stop. I certainly do not like something like 98% of commercial beers. Nonetheless, I raise my glass (of fine single-malt Scotch- Macallan 12 or older, natch) in honour of Mr. Goldsmith and the creative geniuses who made his larger-than-life persona such a hit.


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