Power metal gone bananas

Here's an interesting riddle: what happens when you take a Swiss former law school student, the keyboardist/vocalist for Scottish pirate metal band ALESTORM, and three other highly talented but clearly batshit-insane musicians, and lock them all in a big house with nothing to listen to but old RHAPSODY (OF FIRE) albums and all the weapons-grade crack they can inject into their eyeballs?

If your answer was the band GLORYHAMMER, well, congratulations, you've got considerably more imagination than I do:

They are unquestionably ridiculous, over-the-top, and completely crazy. They are also impossible to dislike. They may play the most absurdly silly power metal heard this side of DRAGONFORCE, but they do so with tremendous skill and conviction; you just can't help but enjoy this stuff.

Plus, they're incredibly good fun to listen to. Just you try listening to "Hollywood Hootsman"- yeah, that was my reaction too when I saw that title- without cracking up:


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