As if we needed any more evidence, it would appear that the generation after mine is well, truly, and totally F***ED UP BEYOND ALL RECOVERY:
Fifty-six percent of respondents from the so-called Gen-Z “said they know someone who went by gender neutral pronouns such as ‘they,’ ‘them,’ or ‘ze,’ compared to 43 percent” of Gen Y, also known as Millennials, says the study. 
The Gen Zers also say their peers reject the “gender binary” when shopping. “Gender binary” is a new progressive term intended to stigmatize the reality that boys and girls usually want different things. When shopping for shoes, for instance, 39 percent of the boys might buy high-heels, or maybe even push-up bras, says the study, which does not seem to recognize the probability that the youthful respondents are amusing themselves by fooling the surveyors. 
A mere 48 percent of Gen Z describe themselves as “completely heterosexual,” and six percent consider themselves “completely homosexual.” All the rest portray themselves as somewhat bi-sexual. [That is, quite simply, disgusting.]
Correspondingly, 91 percent of them say they strongly or somewhat agree that they or other “people are exploring their sexuality more than in the past.” 
Seventy-eight percent of them strongly or somewhat agree that “gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to.” Seventy percent say gender neutral bathrooms should be provided in public. 
Gen Zers, however, don’t really seem to think these transsexual opinions shape their own lives, because they don’t bother to learn the new terms that progressives are creating to psychologically dismantle the reality of male and female, of boy and girl. 
The campaign to destroy the long-standing, valuable and evolved idea of male and female is intended to help destroy the traditional social attitudes that allow Americans to quietly govern themselves without any need for large government. This destroy-divide-and-rule strategy is part of the overall push for “diversity.” 
Only 18 percent of the youths had ever heard the “aromantic” term, which is supposed to describe people who are not interested in sex.
Stick a fork in GenZ. They're done. These people are even dumber, less self-aware, and less capable of understanding things like facts and evidence than Millennials.

I mean, how goddamn stupid do you have to be to outdo Millennials in terms of historical ignorance and stupidity?!?

If there is one good thing that can be said about this sky-high level of generational stupidity, though, it is that this nonsense about "gender fluidity" will do more to destroy feminist "logic" than almost anything else.

Think about it. Third-wave feminism has long argued that gender is a social construct, which is to say that there is no difference between genders at all. This is, of course, galactically stupid.

However, if modern young doofuses subscribe to the notion that gender is "fluid" (which it isn't), then clearly there are differences between the genders- else there would be no need to transition between genders.

So which one is it? Are genders a social construct, or not?

Pose that dilemma to your favourite college feminist, and watch as she melts down. You can assist the process, of course, by tossing a bucket of water on her; I'm reliably informed that this causes them to shriek and dissolve. Sort of like the Wicked Witch of the West.

(Which begs the question- why the hell hasn't anyone tried that out on Hillary Clinton???)


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