Don't cut your damn hair: Trump Derangement Syndrome Edition

Image courtesy of El Capitan:

If Megyn Kelly is trying to make it clear that she is totally not affected at all, in any way, by The Donald's quite devastatingly effective attacks on her personality and competence... well, she's doing a thoroughly piss-poor job of it.

It is no coincidence that, even as her hair shrinks, so too does the once-fetching Ms. Kelly's appeal. Her personality has become more grating. Her tone of voice has become more shrill. Her conservative "street-cred", so to speak, is plummeting. (Not that she ever had all that much, mind you.)

And despite the very best efforts of the various white-knight Betas at Fox News, who have tried mightily (and utterly in vain) to paint Donald Trump as some sort of unhinged loon who cannot take criticism, she continues to descend ever deeper into the foul and dank alleys of SJW skankdom.

Judging by her less-than-appealing current appearance, and her rather considerable efforts to maintain her looks and her increasingly tenuous grasp on an audience that appears to be tiring of her antics, it won't be long before we see a Megyn Kelly who looks indistinguishable from... um... who is that short-haired lesbian with her own not-very-popular cable TV news show on a not-very-popular cable TV network that keeps getting thrashed by Fox in the ratings?

And that is actually quite sad, considering what Megyn Kelly used to look like at the peak of her fame:

There are actually two useful lessons to be learned here from the sad fall of a once-beautiful and (apparently) charming woman.

First, don't mess with The Donald.

And second, DON'T CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR, lady!


  1. I haven't watched any of her interviews, but I would imagine she is trying to pull the Claire Underwood vibe - "we're political survivors" bullshit.

    1. She was fun to watch... until she wasn't anymore. And she's willfully damaging her own looks in a frankly pointless effort to prove just how little Donald Trump has affected her- which is to say, he well and truly owned her, repeatedly, on national television.

    2. Thanks. I've never thought about it like that.


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