Cthulhu 2016

It's a serious question. After all, choosing the lesser evil still comes down to choosing evil. And Americans appear to have gotten really really good at picking the lesser evil. (See: Bob Dole 1996; John McCain 2008; Mitt Romney 2012; undecided as of 2016.)

How's that working out for you people?

Your country is bankrupt. Your people are addicted to welfare. Your men are becoming soft and weak and effeminate. Your women are becoming ugly fat tattooed and pierced harridans. Your politicians send your sons to die in pointless, endless wars in foreign lands. Your borders have more holes than a colander. Your Constitution is used for toilet paper every day by the elites that you appointed.

Given all of the above, it's hard to imagine how a death-cult worshipping the epitome of alien extragalactic evil, could actually be worse.

Actually, that might not be strictly true, especially since that last sentence seems to be a rather good description of the modern Democrat Party's platform. There is the Hilldebeast to consider, after all. That is the one person that I genuinely think could be more terrifying as President than Cthulhu.


  1. The only thing worse for a group of humans than constant war, is constant peace.


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