Bombs away!

Nobody wanted this. Nobody needed this. Just about everyone who saw the trailer HATED it. So why is Sony doing something as galactically stupid as making an all-female remake/reboot/whatever of "Ghostbusters"?

Oh, right. Because vaginas.

Great marketing strategy there, Sony Pictures. You guys just took the booby prize for Year's Greatest Fail- and we're not even a quarter of the way through 2016.

People like me are already turning away from the theatres in droves, because there is simply nothing worth watching anymore. Ninety-eight percent of the movies that Hollywank produces are pointless crap-fests with no creativity, no imagination, and no value. The remainder are mostly remakes, sequels, and franchise-builders.

Hollywood has gone a long, long way down from the halcyon days of Jack Warner and the simple but powerful re-imaginations of the frontier stories and myths that built this country. If the day ever comes that Hollywood simply disappears and stops producing new movies, I doubt we will really suffer much for the loss.


  1. I see...Teh Fatteh™, Teh Token Black Mama™, Teh Butch Dyke Lezzie™, and Teh Stereotype Semi-Cute Geek™. Then I made the mistake of actually watching the trailer.

    Sadly, my cynicism tells me that there are at least some morons who will watch and enjoy this drek. Enough that Sony won't go broke over it.

    Depressing as it seems: in the end the morons of Idiocracy triumph. Sony wouldn't make this garbage if they weren't damn sure that they'd do better'n break-even. Even if it bombs in the theatre. Which means that they have a way better finger on the pulse of what will actually make some kind of money entertainment-wise these days.

    (Also, apparently, in film-land all the research done by the prior Ghostbusters has disappeared - maybe it never existed, perhaps it was burned? - and Teh Strawng Empowahed Wimminz™ have to learn and redo it all for themselves. Way to go Sony. Shades of Obama: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that." Go ahead, insult our minds.)

    1. There will unfortunately be plenty of idiots who watch this movie. I just hope that it won't be enough to allow the film to recoup its total costs.

      The really sad thing is that 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, a genuine brilliant film, barely recovered its $50M budget, but Sony Pictures is more than happy to spend three times that amount of money on what is almost certainly going to be a complete pile of trash.

  2. If Hollyweird disappeared I doubt we'd even notice for some time.

    1. I think that we will notice it fairly quickly.

      Remember Rome's bread and circuses - we might keep passing out the dole, but without entertainments the mob will go make their own fun. Think massive rioting and bloodshed due to boredom.


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