Well, at least college is still good for something

And that would be the ability to mercilessly taunt the unwashed crybullies and bitchy ugly feminists that go to them:

Don't watch that while drinking hot liquids of any kind. Didact will not be held responsible for damages to monitors, keyboards, or stomach muscles caused by uncontrollable laughter-spasms and excessive wheezing.

Hysterically funny though that video is, it also contains an important message: college students REALLY ARE THAT STUPID. And people who know me wonder why I sound so much more like a GenXer than a Millennial...

Worse- these idiots are old enough to drive, vote, and reproduce at will.

God help us all.

Fortunately, there is still hope. As I've pointed out before, the best way to fight the unthinking, mindlessly stupid evil of political correctness is simply to laugh at it. And you can see in that video just how effective that response is. Those sexual marketplace rejects in that room had absolutely no idea what the hell hit them.

I am well aware that it is depressing in the extreme to think that those gullible brainwashed fools are going to be the future electorate and power-brokers of this country, and of the West in general.

Out of the men, not ONE looks like he has ever seen the inside of a gym, held a gun, read any of the classics of the Western canon, learned how to swim without floaties, ride a bike without safety wheels, or, hell, learned how to freakin' SHAVE properly.

If one of those scalzied man-boobs was one of my sons, I would have to take my car, drive far into the countryside, and spend hours or days or weeks alone in a cabin wondering just how the hell I managed to screw up so royally as a father and begging forgiveness from the Lord for my epic failure.

I think there were three girls in that video- it's hard to be sure of the exact number, at least one of the characters in the back row was impossible to categorise as being a member of either gender. Guess how many of them were actually bangable? I was unable to count beyond 0.15 before giving up. Not one of them is the kind of girl you'd bring home to meet your mother- not least because I'm guessing that none of them can cook, clean, or prepare a proper gin martini.

This is what colleges are churning out these days: overgrown children so scared of the real world that they cannot even talk properly. A basic skill that you and I figured out at the age of five is beyond these precious little babies. They are so afraid of offending the "wrong" people that they trip over themselves to avoid saying the wrong thing, and yet they have no problems whatsoever being the world's biggest hypocrites when it comes to anyone that the Left hates.

And yet... in spite of the awful spectacle that we see at UNH and Oberlin College and so many other purveyors of quality adolt edumacation, there is hope. There is always hope.

I say there is hope because of what you just saw. Triumph the Comic Insult Dog absolutely destroyed their absurd pretensions, and he did it with nothing more than the power of laughter.

And that is why evil hates to be laughed at. The ability to see our enemies as comical, inept, ridiculous, and absurd is what separates us on the Right from them on the Left. They loathe and despise us, or at least, what they imagine us to be- and their imaginations conjure dark and terrible spectres that make us look, to their minds, like Lovecraft's Elder Gods.

The Right, according to progressives
We, on the other hand, see them as they are, not as we imagine them to be. We see them as weak, pitiful, comical, and utterly ridiculous when we poke and prod them just a little.

Progressives, according to the Right
And that is why we will ultimately win the war for our culture. It won't be easy, it won't be quick, and it most assuredly won't be simple. But we'll win it because we know and understand that the laws of the Universe, of human nature, and of the Creator that gave us both, do not bend or break no matter how hard we try to make them.

We will win, in the end, because we know how to see truth and beauty and laughter as the wonderful things that they are- and they do not.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent13 February 2016 at 10:14

    Fear. Those kids literally had fear in their eyes when they were confronted. Like the dude was going to beat the shit out of them for calling him black. Fear. Jesus....

    1. Yeah. They were scared of a big fat gay-sounding black dude who looked like he only posed a credible threat to the world's Twinkie population. ("Twinkie" here can mean multiple things, obviously.)

      What is going to happen when they confront actual threats to their health, welfare, or even their very lives?


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