There's a vowel missing somewhere

And these guys are Polish, so they don't even have the excuse of being American to misspell everything. Still and all, they DO know how to play. Boy, do they ever:

Best track on that album (so far) has got to be "Dragonheart". That's five minutes of straight-up power metal right there.

On a somewhat related aside, my sister recently got in a rather good dig at my taste in music when we were having one of our usual silly quarrels on the subject. I remember saying something to the effect that I do, in fact, listen to a wide variety of music. She simply grinned and said:
Yeah, sure you do. What do you have on your phone these days? Death metal. Melodic death metal. Thrash metal. IRON MAIDEN. Power metal. Symphonic metal. Classic metal. Speed metal. Progressive metal...
Yeah. I ain't winnin' that argument. Not even by pointing out that if it wasn't for me, my sister wouldn't even know what good music is. After all, she got to see her favourite band (NIGHTWISH) for the first time four years ago  entirely because of me.

It's moments like that which make you realise that having a little sister is both the worst, and the best, thing that a man can have in life until his own kids come along.


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