"Survival cancels out programming"

(With apologies to LtCol. Tom Kratman for blatantly ripping off a, um, Kratmanism.)

A little over ten years ago, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Army who had recently turned his hand to writing science fiction released a book "written in collaboration with" one John Ringo. (Actually, he wrote virtually every word of that novel.) That book was called Watch on the Rhine, and it featured some very memorable characters, and even more memorable quotes.

One of those characters was a typical extremely irritating tofu-eating type of French leftist hippie, the kind that have been ever so fashionable in Europe for the last twenty years. The kind that believes that wars are always a result of American aggression and could be easily resolved if only the people of the world would sit down and talk out their problems. The kind that believes that the European social democratic way of life is Right and Just and that the American way of existence, with its far greater emphasis on individual responsibility and authority, is somehow "carnivourous" and "predatory". The kind that thinks that alien invaders are no big deal at all.

Until, of course, an entire goddamn horde of aliens lands up on her doorstep. And goes about very literally devouring her nation's culture, traditions, and way of life.

And one of those memorable quotes surfaced right at the end of the book: "Survival cancels out programming".

LTC Kratman, whose weekly column over at EveryJoe is one that I never miss reading, has evidently turned that into one of his personal catchphrases. And with good reason, because what we are seeing in the Western world today is a very real testament to the truth of that saying.

If one were so inclined, one could make an entire metaphor out of Watch on the Rhine and argue that it served as a rather fantastical, but otherwise potent, illustration of what happens when an aggressive, virile, expansionist culture and race runs headfirst into a weak, flaccid, and crumbling one. The Posleen invaders in that novel (and in the rest of the Posleen War series) are a race bred in every way for war. They breed like rabbits; they keep anything they claim, and they claim anything that they kill; their numbers are legion and they consume all in their path.

Something rather similar to the Posleen has landed up on Europe's shores over the past few years, thanks to a war and a crisis that the West itself played a rather large part in provoking. The major difference between the real invasion and the fictitious one is, of course, the fact that this time, the invaders are outnumbered by the hosts. (Well, that, and Syrian migrants have not yet decided to start literally eating their French and German and Scandinavian hosts. Yet.)

But the end result remains the same: the host culture faces ultimate destruction.

That culture has many admirable qualities. For all that Americans like to sneer at their effete, soft, and woolly-headed European cousins- and, having lived in Britain and dealt with many Europeans in my time, I'm rather inclined to agree with the Yankees- the fact remains that European civilisation had, until fairly recently, reached considerable heights of luxury, comfort, and sophistication. The Europeans like to point out that their way of life is significantly more pleasant than the American alternative, and they are willing to pay far higher taxes in order to enjoy cradle-to-grave benefits that most Americans can only dream of.

That rather idyllic state of affairs worked for a very long time- because Europeans voted it in for themselves, and were willing to inflict upon themselves the massive confiscatory taxes needed to maintain the illusion that socialism actually works. And for the past fifty years, the Europeans have convinced themselves- programmed themselves, really- to believe that their way of life is robust and will endure no matter what happens.

That all changed when the invasions from the Levant reached breaking point.

In Sweden, the country that was once every American liberal's idea of a socialist Utopia where everyone is more or less equal and a massive welfare state was combined with a rather impressively dynamic open economy, there are entire parts of the country that are now no-go areas for white Swedes who were naive and stupid enough to think that, just because they are Swedes, it is their country and does not belong to the hordes of barbarians from Muslim lands that they willingly brought in.

In Germany, hundreds of women were physically attacked and sexually assaulted in Cologne and other towns across the Fatherland on New Year's Eve- and those attacks continue today as Germany's leadership permits ever greater numbers of Islamic invaders, from cultures entirely alien to Germany's own, to take up residence there.

In France, the Islamic proportion of the population has reached roughly 10%, and that share is growing. There are now entire sectors of Paris that are no-go areas for police when the muezzin is called; in a country that takes such immense pride in being a bastion of rabidly secular thought and action, streets are shut down and taken over by Muslims who pray to their "god" in broad daylight, and God help any Frenchman (or, worse, woman) who has the temerity to walk through those areas thinking that they are still in France.

In Britain, the mere prospect of the publication of tasteless but otherwise perfectly fair cartoons of the "prophet" Mohammed in a French magazine, that was later physically attacked by Islamists, can spark massive and very nearly violent protest marches full of angry shouting Muslims past Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, and on through the heart of the city itself. There are entire areas of London where you would swear you weren't in Britain anymore, but in Dhaka or Lahore or even Kabul. Over a thousand children were sexually abused and assaulted in a town called Rotherham, that nobody had really ever heard of before that story broke, and the police did nothing because they were terrified of being called racists.

Bit by bit, the programming is being challenged by events for which its code was never designed. Europe is being forced to confront the harsh and terrible reality that us evil unfeeling ever-so-awful right-wingers have known for centuries.

We know, as they do not, that diversity and proximity combine to create war.

We know, as they do not, that the Islamic totalitarian philosophy toward life is not in the slightest bit compatible with the unique combination of Judaeo-Christian morality, Greco-Roman philosophy, and post-Enlightenment science, that have made Western culture the greatest the world has ever seen.

We know, as they do not, that when- not if, but when- war comes, the side that wins is the side that is most willing to commit the most terrible atrocities for its way of life.

The only question is, what happens when the populations of Europe realise that their programming does not match up at all with the facts of reality?

There are two major possibilities, to my mind.

The first is that the Europeans simply fold up and die. And there is good reason to think this way. The European nations have been dying for decades. The fact of the matter is that strong, virile, confident cultures expand, and that weak, impotent, and self-loathing cultures contract. And Europe, along with the rest of the West, has been contracting and destroying itself for decades. It's just that we are only now seeing the full measure of that destruction and the chaos that it is causing.

Europeans have not been replacing their numbers; their birth rates inch lower every year. Their population is rapidly becoming middle-aged; soon, it will be genuinely old. The population that the invaders from the Middle East and Africa bring with them, on the other hand, is youthful, virile, and very much interested in survival.

But, to argue that Europe will simply fold over and accept its fate is to ignore how cultures and peoples react in reality. It is, indeed, as LTC Kratman wrote and keeps saying: "survival cancels out programming".

When the European people finally lose patience with their ruling classes- as they are already beginning to do- and refuse to stay silent any longer, that is when all Hell is going to break loose.

And that brings us to the second possibility: all-out genocidal war, waged through the heart of every European nation.

Almost every culture in history, when facing its own extinction, has fought back in some way. The Europeans are no stranger to this reality; the history of Europe is written red with the blood of countless tribes and kingdoms and nations that rose, conquered, diminished, and were conquered in their turn. Every time such a conquest has occurred, the bloodshed has been epic and terrible. This is not a continent designed for peace; the very fact that Europe has managed to go an entire seventy years without a severe international war on the continent is an astonishing achievement in light of that history.

And so, I fear, it shall be when survival truly does run headfirst into programming.

When that day comes- and I fear it is coming soon- watch out. Historians will look back upon these days of madness and shake their heads at the sheer stupidity and folly of the Europeans, who were prideful enough to believe that they had somehow outgrown human nature and the accumulated weight of history.


  1. It's actually a Star Trekism, What Are Little Girls Made Of, one of only two lines that had any profundity at all. The other? Oh, in Amok Time: "Having isn't always so pleasing a thing as wanting."


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