Every word is truth

I want to be pissed off at Dom for telling the truth about powerlifting, but... I just can't be angry at someone who so brilliantly manages to piss all over powerlifters everywhere:

I don't know what the funniest quote is:
  • "That's all powerlifting is- being weird, and hurtin' yourself for fun"
  • "Your gym bag IS your shopping cart... Bring everything you need, AND OWN, in your gym bag, and leave it on the gym floor."
  • "You do only three main lifts. One is the fuckin' best, one is the fuckin' worst, and one is the fuckin' hardest."
And then the Benghazi reference... I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

Being "Dom", of course, he doesn't stop there either. Watch him drop more truthiness upon you in the form of a succinct, expletive-filled analysis of the douchenozzles that all of us love to hate at the gym:

Oh, and speaking of epic douchenozzles:


  1. Those videos by Dom. Damn, I laughed so hard I think I strained something..


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